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I Was So Gay for Meg From 'Hercules' That It Terrified Me

The most intriguing part of Meg wasn’t her slender waistline or disproportionate breast size—it was her depth, her wit, her bullheaded resistance to being saved, and her willingness to rebuke masculinity.
Jill Gutowitz

'Mulan' Was the Most Bisexual Cartoon Ever

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of "Mulan," I revisited the Disney film that taught me you can explore your butch, femme, and queer identities—and save the Emperor of China in the process.
Zing Tsjeng
This Week in 2007

When 'High School Musical 2' Made Theater Kids Cool

Ten years ago this week, a non-sensical television musical about a country club talent show changed teenage theater kids in America forever.
Mitchell Sunderland

How Disney's Ban on Costumes Inspired an Underground Style Subculture

Mickey Mouse fans have found a new way to swerve the company's theme park rule against adults dressing up, and it's called Disneybounding.
Nione Meakin
This Week in 2007

Happy Ten-Year Anniversary of Dads Paying $3,000 for Hannah Montana Tickets

"Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus" was supposed to be "The Wall" of tween pop concept albums, but its promotional tour turned into the first controversy of Miley's career.
Mitchell Sunderland
photo essays

Inside the Boutique that Transforms Girls into Princesses

Ten years after the opening of Disney's first Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, we take a look inside the salon known for transforming kids ages three to 12 into young royalty.
Samantha Friend

How the Star of ‘Halloweentown’ Built an Etsy Halloween Empire

Child actress Kimberly J. Brown has used her most famous role to create a second career as a Halloween expert.
Emalie Marthe

Ava DuVernay Is the First Woman of Color to Direct a $100 Million Film

With her much-anticipated adaptation of "A Wrinkle in Time," Ava DuVernay is making history.
Kimberly Lawson

Disney Star Skai Jackson on Becoming an Accidental Meme

Although she was only 9 years old when she was first asked to set up social media accounts, the "Jessie" actress has become a sort of guru for a younger generation navigating an online world its parents have no idea about.
Seamus Kirst

How Fakers with Wheelchairs Ruined Disneyland's Disabled Line

Fifty-nine parties are suing the House of Mouse for changing the Happiest Disability Policy on Earth.
Katy St. Clair

No One Fucks Like Gaston: How I Lost My Virginity to a Disney Character

When I was 20, I lost my virginity to a 48-year-old actor playing Gaston in a summer stock production of "Beauty and the Beast."
Jonathan Parks-Ramage
Star Wars

Goths, Geeks, and Disney Pin Freaks: My Weekend at the Disney D23 Expo

Thanks to the Walt Disney Company's new dark remakes of classic children's movies and acquisitions of Lucasfilm and Marvel, the D23 Expo attracted nearly every subculture in America: goths, comic nerds, sci-fi geeks, video game fans, cosplay fiends...
Mitchell Sunderland