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Gabrielle Union Talks About Her Biggest Failure: Her Marriage

Gabrielle Union sits down with Broadly to discuss how her failed first marriage taught her to fight for her own happiness.
Broadly Staff

'Here, No Man Decides': Meet India's First Female Sharia Court Judges

In the country's Islamic courts, intimate family issues like divorce were usually decided by male clerics and judges—until a group of 15 women decided to take matters into their own hands.
Masuma Ahuja

India Moves to Ban Unjust 'Instant Divorce' in Landmark Ruling

Under triple talaq, Muslim men can divorce their wives by uttering the word "talaq" thrice. According to a new judgment by the Supreme Court of India, it's now unconstitutional.
Sirin Kale

Judge Grants Divorce to Woman Because Her Husband Left Her Messages On Read

According to one Taiwanese court, "A normal couple shouldn't treat each other like that."
Sirin Kale

Rachel Cusk Examines the Power of Motherhood by Ignoring It

While many writers have turned to autobiography in their work, the Canadian author, who was torn apart in the press after publishing controversial memoirs about motherhood and divorce, has developed a unique strategy for critiquing culture in her new...
Olivia Parkes

Homophobic British Law Says Gay Couples Can’t Divorce Over Same-Sex Cheating

In England and Wales, divorce law states that it doesn't legally count as adultery if it involves a member of the same gender. A new online petition calling for change has attracted over 4,000 signatures.
Zing Tsjeng

The Muslim Women Fighting to Ban Instantaneous Divorce in India

Despite being banned in many Islamic countries, "triple talaq," the Sharia law that allows a man to instantly divorce his wife, is still legal in India. A massive organization of Muslim women is using the Quran to try and stop it.
Sunaina Kumar

Atomic Divorce: How Japan's Nuclear Disaster Is Breaking Up Marriages

Five years after the deadly Japan tsunami, married couples in the country are breaking up over disagreements about radiation safety. The phenomenon has led to a trend known as "atomic divorce," or genpatsu rikon.
Mari Shibata
domestic abuse

Women Seeking Divorce in Turkey are Being Murdered by Their Husbands

Filmmaker Chloe Fairweather documents the violence that women in Turkey endure at the hands of their husbands.
Josie Thaddeus-Johns