In Life and After Her Death, Sandra Bland Taught Others About Activism

“She had a way of giving you a blueprint on how to dig yourself out of it and how to turn that rage into something that is purposeful and impactful," says her sister Sharon Cooper in an interview with Broadly.
Syreeta McFadden

9 Documentaries on Netflix that Tell the Stories of Incredible Women

Take a break from bingeing reality TV and dive into the lives of these remarkable women.
Leila Ettachfini
Reel Women

When It Comes to Telling True Stories, Women Filmmakers Reign Supreme

At this year's True/False Film Festival, there were three standout docu-fiction movies—all made by women from around the world.
Kristen Yoonsoo Kim

Our Obsession with Wealth and Youth Is Making Us All Soulless and Insane

Lauren Greenfield has spent 25 years meticulously documenting unbridled capitalism and its discontents. Her new documentary, "Generation Wealth," gives viewers a very sobering look at the subject.
Susannah Edelbaum

The Filmmaker Literally Taking Us to the Top of the World

Director Jennifer Peedom makes films about mountains and the people foolish enough to climb them. We caught up with her ahead of the release of her new documentary "Mountain."
Sirin Kale

'We’re Fighting Two Fights Here': Being Gay and Palestinian in Israel

Khader Abu-Seif, subject of "Oriented," a new documentary about gay Palestinians in Tel Aviv, does not need a Jewish savior.
Matthew Schultz
domestic abuse

Women Seeking Divorce in Turkey are Being Murdered by Their Husbands

Filmmaker Chloe Fairweather documents the violence that women in Turkey endure at the hands of their husbands.
Josie Thaddeus-Johns

More Than You've Ever Wanted to Know About Plasmodial Slime Molds

We talked to one of the filmmakers of "The Creeping Garden" about the simple slime starring in his new movie. Oats are its favorite food!
Lauren Oyler

How America's Most Famous Cat Photographer Gets the Purrfect Shot

Larry Johnson, a.k.a The Purrtraitist, flies all over the world and charges hundreds to shoot the beloved pets of cat fanciers everywhere.
Zing Tsjeng
sex work

Spain's Sex Supermarket

In Spain, sex work laws are vague, and they've created a culture where demand for sex is at an all-time high. We examine a cross-section of the industry to understand what sex work is like for those who choose it and those who don't.
Broadly Staff