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Domestic Workers Are Using WhatsApp to Organize and Escape Abuse

The hugely popular messaging service provides an unlikely lifeline for migrant women working as live-in maids and nannies.
Laura Secorun
sexual harassment

For Domestic Workers, Sexual Harassment Can Feel Totally Inescapable

Most domestic workers work alone as nannies, house cleaners, or in-home healthcare workers—leaving them particularly vulnerable to harassment, and with few options for recourse or protection.
Lena Solow

Inside the Dubious Schools Training Filipina Women for Domestic Work Overseas

For working-class women in the Philippines, becoming a live-in domestic employee abroad is a chance to provide for themselves and their families. But they often face exploitation and debt from training centers, employment agencies, and the employers...
Justin Heifetz​​

What a World Without Female Migrant Workers Would Look Like

Around the world, female migrant workers perform the bulk of domestic labor in households that are not their own—but their work is often invisible. An expert explains what would happen if these women did not exist.
Sirin Kale

Where Maids Are Treated Like Slaves

Sexual abuse, harassment and 21-hour days—for thousands of domestic workers employed in Arab states, being a maid doesn't just mean mopping the floors.
Alya Mooro

How Black Domestic Workers Organized Without 'The Help'

We talked to historian Premilla Nadasen about her new book, "Household Workers Unite," and about how white savior narratives are bullshit.
Gabby Bess