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Nikki Giovanni Has Advice for Black Women Dealing with Emotional Labor

"We seem to be spending time telling white people what they're doing wrong, instead of telling Black people what we're doing right," Giovanni tells Broadly.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

How Debates Over Abortion Later in Pregnancy Hurt the Women Who Need Them

Anti-abortion advocates have used what they call "late-term abortion" to distort the truth about why women may seek abortion care in the later stages of pregnancy, physicians say.
Marie Solis
state of the union

AOC to Bring Woman Who Confronted Jeff Flake as Her State of the Union Guest

Ana Maria Archila, the protester who confronted then-Arizona Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator during September's Supreme Court confirmation hearings, will accompany the New York congresswoman to Tuesday's address.
Marie Solis
women's march

Has the Women's March Served Its Purpose?

Some women say they won't be attending the 2019 Women's March because the first one delivered on its promise: It inspired them to get involved in activism that has made the march itself redundant.
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sexual assault

Trump's Accusers Take Center Stage in 'The Pussy Grabber Plays'

On Monday night, a play spotlighting the stories of seven of President Donald Trump's accusers debuted in New York.
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government shutdown

Domestic Violence Shelters in a State of Uncertainty as Shutdown Continues

Federally funded domestic violence programs may have to begin scaling back services in a matter of days if President Donald Trump doesn't sign a spending bill.
Marie Solis
government shutdown

House Democrats Slip Rollback of Trump Abortion Policy into Spending Bill

The newly elected Democratic-led House passed a spending bill on Thursday that would undermine the global gag rule, an anti-abortion policy Trump enacted the first week he took office.
Marie Solis
government shutdown

Elizabeth Warren Is Donating Her Shutdown Salary to Refugee Nonprofit

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren says she'll donate her salary to a group that resettles refugees in the US until President Donald Trump reopens the government.
Marie Solis

Gillibrand Finds It Concerning Her Party's Top 2020 Candidates Are White Men

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a rumored presidential candidate herself, says the Democratic Party's current 2020 frontrunners don't reflect the country's diversity.
Marie Solis
The Burnout and Escapism Issue

When Dismantling Power Dismantles You Instead

In the Trump era, many see activism as more vital than ever. But what happens when it takes a toll on your physical, mental, and emotional health?
Marie Solis
asylum seekers

Border Patrol Agent Calls Woman Who Impaled Herself on Border Fence 'Very Foolish'

A young mother reportedly impaled herself trying to scale the border fence near the San Ysidro Port of Entry on Sunday.
Marie Solis

White Women's Complicated Role in the 2018 Midterm Elections

White women remained loyal to Republicans in key races this election year, but overall they're moving steadily toward the Democratic Party.
Marie Solis