Eating Disorders


'A Twisted Comparison Game': How Fitness Apps Exacerbate Eating Disorders

Apps like step trackers and calorie counters are meant to help users stay healthy. But for those who suffer from eating disorders, these technologies are ripe for misuse.
Lauren Sharkey

The Model Taking On the Fashion Industry With a No-Holds-Barred Memoir

Former Céline model Victoire Dauxerre was dangerously underweight and depressed within months of being scouted. She says she is striking back at the industry that nearly killed her.
Sirin Kale

How Tripping on Ayahuasca Could Help People with Eating Disorders

Could a powerfully hallucinogenic tea hold the key to treating eating disorders? A new study interviews ED sufferers who have experimented with the herbal drug from the Amazon.
Erin Hiatt

How to Make Good TV About Eating Disorders, According to Survivors

In the wake of Netflix's "To the Bone" and the new BBC3 series "Overshadowed," women with EDs tell us how they want pop culture to portray their illness.
Kate Leaver

The Women Sleeping Their Lives Away to Lose Weight

The "Sleeping Beauty Diet" involves the use of sleep to avoid hunger, with some advocates going as far as sedating themselves. It’s been around for decades, but the fad is still going strong on pro-anorexia blogs.
Sammi Taylor

The Women Hiding a Secretive, Little-Known Eating Disorder

"Chew and Spit" is bound up in feelings of shame and loss of control. But it's only recently that experts have begun to learn a bit more about the damaging behavior.
Steph Bowe
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The Diabetic Women Who Skip Insulin to Lose Weight

It's hugely under-diagnosed, but the risks of this little-known eating disorder include blindness, limb amputation, and early loss of life.
Michelle Duff
Eating Disorders

The Brains of Women with Anorexia Change to Override Hunger, Study Says

How do women with eating disorders overpower their bodies' urge to eat? New research has found the illness actually alters the way their brains work.
Steph Bowe

Women Are Less Miserable About Their Bodies Than They've Been in Decades

According to a new study, women's satisfaction with their bodies has gone up—but body image issues are far from over.
Candace Bryan

‘Laxatives for Dinner’: My Life as an Anorexic Man

As a YouTuber, I share my life with hundreds of thousands of people on the Internet. But just few years ago, something as mundane as a beach holiday was enough to send me into a panic.
Michael Buchinger

The Unspoken Challenges of Having an Eating Disorder During Ramadan

Muslims are expected to spend the Islamic holy month fasting and abstaining from all food and drink. It's especially difficult for women suffering from eating disorders.
Salma Haidrani

Why Eating Disorders Are on the Rise in Japan

Eating disorders have been increasing in Japan since the 1980s—despite the country's historically low obesity rates. A Japanologist explains the country's cultural obsession with being thin.
Sirin Kale