Why Many Men Would Rather Be Unemployed Than Do 'Women's Work'

According to a new labor report, female-dominated industries like health care services and education continue to see a rise in new jobs. We asked an economics expert why unemployed men aren't flocking to fill these positions.
Kimberly Lawson
human behavior

Wealthy People Don’t Notice Other Human Beings, Study Says

According to a recent study, people who associate themselves with a higher social class tend to care less about others than people in lower social classes.
Kimberly Lawson

The Wage Gap Is Real, and It's Costing Women $500,000

A new study sets out to debunk every myth about why women workers are paid less than men.
Gabby Bess

Trump's Racist Fear-Mongering Is Resonating with Young White Voters

A new survey of millennials shows that young white voters are split between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. And while most young voters of color support Clinton, she still needs to work for their votes.
Gabby Bess

Young Men Suffer When They Make More Money Than Their Wives, Study Says

Though men are often expected to be the primary providers in their households, new research shows that being a breadwinner is bad for men's physical and psychological health.
Diana Tourjée

In Ghana, Women and 'Market Queens' Dominate the Economy

The West African nation is one of only a few places where women are more likely to start businesses than men, and these pursuits often center around the country's vital marketplace culture.
Maggie O'Neill

Why Is Sperm So Damn Expensive?

With women wanting the highest quality sperm possible—college educated sperm that is free of disease and physical abnormalities—the amount of labor that's involved in obtaining this pristine goo drives sperm prices sky high.
Brittany Malooly

More Than Meets the Smize: A Look Inside Tyra Banks's Exploitative Empire

Tyra Banks has rebranded herself as a trustworthy guide to your finances, but former employees, a financial expert, and a former "ANTM" contestant claim Banks is exploiting vulnerable young women.
Emalie Marthe

The Broadly Guide to Marxism

Can the value of this A to Z guide be objectively measured by the number of hours it took to produce it?
Van Badham