Elizabeth Warren


The 2020 Democratic Frontrunners Need to Answer for Their Votes on SESTA

SESTA put my sex worker community in severe danger. We need to demand our candidates commit to better policy this primary.
Liara Roux
government shutdown

Elizabeth Warren Is Donating Her Shutdown Salary to Refugee Nonprofit

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren says she'll donate her salary to a group that resettles refugees in the US until President Donald Trump reopens the government.
Marie Solis

Native American Is Not My Race—It's Who I Am

Elizabeth Warren may feel vindicated about her ancestry, but defining Native American identity by race often results in dangerous challenges to Indigenous rights and sovereignty.
Mariah Gladstone

Elizabeth Warren Explains How the Banking Bill Will Put Families at Risk

On Wednesday, a group of Senate Democrats helped pass a bill to loosen regulations on most of the banks in the country. If it becomes law, there will be a "greater chance the economy explodes," Sen. Warren says.
Seamus Kirst

Elizabeth Warren Wants to Ban the Shackling of Pregnant Inmates for Good

Women are the fastest growing population of prisoners in America, and they're being shackled during pregnancy and denied basic menstrual products.
Mitchell Sunderland
student loans

'We Were All Lied To': The Students Forced to Pay Fraudulent Loans

The Department of Education has promised relief to Corinthian College students who were tricked into taking out loans for a fake institution of higher learning—but some of these fraud victims are now being faced with the threat of garnished wages.
Gabby Bess