The Indigenous Rights Leader Fighting Back After Her Mother's Assassination

Honduran environmentalist and activist Berta Cáceres was killed in 2016. Her daughter Bertha Zúniga is picking up her mantle through her work for the indigenous Lenca community.
Clara Hernanz
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The Woman Refusing to Let Palestine's Farming Roots Die

Vivien Sansour founded The Palestinian Heirloom Library in hopes to revive plants threatened by occupation, climate change, and agribusiness.
Leila Ettachfini
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Trump Revives Dakota Access Pipeline, Destroys Earth, Silences EPA

While President Trump signed five executive orders with huge environmental repercussions, Congress moved to permanently take away low-income women's abortion access.
Amanda Arnold

Feminists Are Going to the Amazon to Drink Ayahuasca

The concept of harnessing the powers of ayahuasca for curative and revelatory experiences has gained popularity in recent years. Cosmic Sister, a psychedelic advocacy network, is hoping it can also help women heal from the wounds of the patriarchy.
Gabby Bess

Our Planet Is So Fucked That Some Women Are Choosing to Not Have Kids

"It sounds dramatic, but I'm just being realistic. The way we live currently simply cannot sustain more people."
Linda Yang

'Solar Panels Are Life': A Day at a Paper Bottle Plant with Jaden and Will Smith

He's only 18, but Jaden Smith has been working on making paper water bottles the new norm for the past seven years. I toured the factory of his brand JUST Water and the woods with Jaden and his father, Will Smith.
Leila Ettachfini

Machismo Is Ruining the Planet, Study Says

A new study finds that men are less likely to purchase eco-friendly products or participate in sustainable activities when they seem too "feminine."
Kimberly Lawson

The Women Fighting Fracking in Their Own Backyard

Rebecca Roter suffered from nosebleeds and mouth ulcers after a drilling company moved into her county. She's a part of a group of "citizen scientists" in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, who are trying to stop the controversial practice of fracking.
Deborah Coughlin

You Can Literally Have Sex with the Environment in This 'Ecosexual Bathhouse'

According to performance art duo Pony Express, we've fucked the biosphere. To help us fuck it more gently, their new project includes a composting glory hole, bee BDSM, and sprouting panties.
Olivia Parkes

Reuse, Reduce, Reproductive Rights: How Abortion Can Help Save the Planet

On Friday, the UN released its list of sustainability goals for the next 15 years, and achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls was number five on the list. According to experts like Allison Doody, an international advocacy associate...
Gabby Bess