My First Time

Writing Erotica Was the Surprising Antidote to My Anxiety

Writing erotic fiction helps poet Almaz Ohene feel more present in her own body—and deal with interesting challenges like describing a five-person orgy.
Almaz Ohene

The Groundbreaking Author Who Celebrated the Sex Lives of Poor, Queer People

Red Jordan Arobateau's erotic writing from the 70s still feels audaciously honest today.
Naomi Extra

How to Make Money Writing Kindle Erotica

From dinosaur love to pregnancy fetishes, self-published erotica authors are basically only limited by their imaginations (and Amazon). But the profession isn't as fun—or lucrative—as many make it out to be.
Livia Gershon

The Controversial Chinese Gay Erotic Novel You Can Finally Read in English

In 1998, an anonymous writer began publishing installments of a gay erotic novel online. Perhaps the first gay novel ever published in China, it quickly became a touchstone for queer men in the country. This week, "Beijing Comrades" is finally coming...
Hugh Ryan

What Happens When a BDSM Author Converts to Christianity

In 2015, erotica author Shoshanna Evers—whose prolific output included titles like "Enslaved" and "Held Captive By the Cavemen"—shocked fans by announcing that she was giving up the erotic romance trade after converting to Christianity.
Rachel Kramer Bussel

Writing Dirty: Male Erotica Publisher Says Women Know Sex Better

Although the independent press Badlands Unlimited is run by a man, its erotica authors are all women. We talked to the artist Paul Chan about why his New Lovers series is changing "conservative" contemporary erotic writing.
Lauren Oyler

Running An Erotic Publishing Empire

When it comes to cave men strippers and a multi-million-dollar erotic e-book business, Tina Engler and Patty Marks keep it all in the family.
Broadly Staff
Lauren Oyler