Love Bites

The Post-Breakup Guide To Social Media

When to block, when to mute, and when to post a thirst trap.
Anna Pulley
4 days ago

A Selfie Helped Police Solve a Years-Old Murder Case

Cheyenne Rose Antoine, 21, was sentenced to seven years in jail for strangling her best friend after police noticed the murder weapon in a Facebook photo.
Zing Tsjeng

Facebook Almost Got Sued for Taking Down 'Deceptive' Anti-Abortion Page

The "Undecided on the 8th" page claimed to provide unbiased information about the Irish abortion referendum.
Sirin Kale

I Asked People Who Ghosted Me Why They Still Watch My Instagram Stories

Their answers range from "I'm trash" (true!) to "you post good videos of your cat" (also true).
Sara David

The Woman Who Exposed a Coke-Snorting NFL Coach to Call Out Racial Inequality

After publishing an incriminating video of a former Miami Dolphins coach, Kijuana Nige told Broadly it's time to call out men in positions of power who "take advantage of the people around them."
Linda Yang

Woman's Upper Lip Almost Falls Off After Unlicensed Filler Injection

Siobhan Phelan learned the hard way that you shouldn’t get your fillers done by someone you met on Facebook.
Sirin Kale

Bonnaroo Attendees Appear to Have Formed a Unicorn Figurine-Worshipping Cult

"This plastic unicorn that somebody put in the middle of the pit is just killing it."
Sara David

Sad Girls Club: Meet the Woman Pioneering Mental Health for Young Girls of Color

"There's really nothing there for us between the suicide hotline and talking to a therapist. We're here to bring girls together, to discuss, talk, and create a true community within the mental health world."
Linda Yang
sexual assault

40 People Watched a Teen's Gang Rape on Facebook, and No One Called the Police

Police believe that upwards of 40 people viewed a recent live stream of a gang rape of a 15-year-old girl in Chicago. We talked to one researcher about why people can be hesitant to intervene when sexual assault happens.
Kimberly Lawson

Three Men Arrested on Suspicion of Live-Streaming Gang Rape on Facebook

In Sweden, three men have been taken into custody after allegedly live-streaming a gang rape to a closed Facebook group with 60,000 members.
Sirin Kale

Most Young People Care About Issues—But Not Enough to Take Action, Studies Find

According to recent studies, millennials spend more time talking about political issues online and less time protesting compared to previous generations.
Kimberly Lawson

Narcissists Love Telling Their Facebook Friends How Much They Work Out

According to a new study, people who obsessively share what they eat and how much they exercise are more likely to be narcissistic. Surprise!!
Kimberly Lawson