How Though?

Healthy Relationships Have Boundaries. Here's How to Set Them

I know, it's the worst.
Leila Ettachfini
a day ago

Eid al-Adha Made Me a Vegetarian, But I Learned to Love It Anyway

Growing up, the holiday, in which Muslims slaughter a lamb to commemorate Ibrahim's sacrifice, traumatized me. I've since come to appreciate Eid al-Adha for showing me the reality of where meat comes from and the value of togetherness.
Leila Ettachfini
Mamma Mia!

'Mamma Mia!' Is a Poignant Celebration of Dads

The 2008 hit "Mamma Mia" shatters expectations of the nuclear family and teaches us there is no singular way to practice unconditional love.
Noa Azulai
Essays on Religious Exemptions

We Were Rejected From Adopting Foster Children Because We Are Gay

There are roughly 13,000 kids in foster care in our home state of Michigan, but child-placing agencies are legally allowed to discriminate against LGBTQ applicants—and more states have recently passed similar faith-based laws.
Kristy and Dana Dumont
The Privacy and Perception Issue

Searching for Traces of My Late Father Online

My father was murdered years before the Internet existed as we know it. But I still search for traces of him there.
Gabrielle Birkner

As My Family Tried to Arrange My Marriage, I Was Secretly Swiping on Tinder

My parents, unaware that I already had a dating profile of my own, signed me up for an online matchmaking service—similar, in a sense, to Tinder, but with far different expectations.
Mithila Phadke
The Privacy and Perception Issue

For Women Who Wear Hijab, Finstas Can Be a Space to Let Loose Online

By the time private accounts with curated followers became mainstream, they were old news to me. I knew many women who wore hijabs who would set their Instagram profiles to private, write “WOMEN ONLY” in their bios, and post pictures with their hair down.
Najma Sharif

The Joys and Trials of Getting Pregnant as a Masculine-Identifying Person

The documentary "A Womb Of Their Own" follows the joys and trials of getting pregnant as a masculine-identifying person. Director Cyn Lubow talks to Broadly about trans parenthood and their film.
Dominique Sisley

Dealing with Everyday Racism as a Black Mom with a White-Passing Son

"I see people flinch with surprise as I nurse my son in public, and I wonder whether they think I’m a hired wet nurse."
Ndéla Faye

The Queer Moms Chronicling Their Journeys to Parenthood on YouTube

The lesbian TTC ("trying to conceive") vlogging community offers a much-needed perspective on how queer people can start their own families.
Sophie Jackson

'Here, No Man Decides': Meet India's First Female Sharia Court Judges

In the country's Islamic courts, intimate family issues like divorce were usually decided by male clerics and judges—until a group of 15 women decided to take matters into their own hands.
Masuma Ahuja

When Your Child Has a Rare Medical Condition Doctors Can't Diagnose

Every year, around 6,000 children are born in the UK with complex genetic conditions that cannot be diagnosed. Two moms tell us what it's like to raise kids who suffer from a syndrome without a name (SWAN).
Natasha Wynarczyk