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Sources Who Say They Can Corroborate Kavanaugh Allegations Can't Reach the FBI

The FBI is conducting a week-long investigation into Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, which some White House officials say is "limited in scope."
Marie Solis

The Woman Making Art out of the FBI's Surveillance of Her Black Panther Father

Civil rights activist Rodney Barnette was under government surveillance for over 10 years. Now his daughter, Sadie, has turned his 500-page FBI file into art.
Gabby Bess

Sexism at FBI So Bad They Had Long-Running Joke About Getting Sued, Lawsuit Says

In a federal suit filed last week, former agent Danielle Marks alleges that her male colleagues frequently joked about how many zeroes would be on the end of her lawsuit check after making sexist comments.
Kimberly Lawson

The Man Chronicling Insane Clown Posse and Why the FBI Is Spying on Juggalos

Rock critic Steve Miller has written critically acclaimed books about everyone from Iggy Pop to Johnny Ramone. His new book examines how Insane Clown Posse went from a small Detroit rap group to a band on Disney’s record label to on the FBI’s gang list.
Mitchell Sunderland

The Twisted, Jealousy-Fueled Crimes of the FBI's Most Wanted Woman

Drug cartels, sexual jealousy, and dentistry all converged to make Brenda Delgado the most wanted woman in America.
Cole Kazdin

Hero Juggalo Dies Defending Mother from Alleged Mugger

The FBI has tried to label Juggalos a violent gang, but earlier this week a Juggalo named Cannibal died while jumping in front of a mother and son who were being attacked by an alleged mugger.
Mitchell Sunderland