Will Americans Ever Actually Use the Female Condom?

Many Americans think the internal condom is totally gross. But sexual health advocates are convinced that new FDA regulations could help them go mainstream.
Christine Ro
reproductive rights

The Abortion Pill was Supposed to Revolutionize Abortion Access. What Happened?

The abortion pill is safe and easy—and it could give American women unprecedented reproductive autonomy. Its political opponents have spent over a decade ensuring this doesn't happen.
Gabby Bess

Don't Try This at Home: Why Self-Screening for STIs Could Do More Harm than Good

A Broadly investigation has discovered at least two websites are exploiting a legal loophole to import questionable HIV and STI tests.
Michelle Duff

The Hidden Dangers of 'Herbal' Diet Pills

Dietary supplements are often marketed as natural and healthy—but critics say the industry is perilously unregulated, and some consumers have become sick or even died as a result of taking them.
Claudia McNeilly

Despite Claims of Miscarriages, FDA Keeps Controversial Birth Control on Market

Women have claimed that Essure, an implantable sterilization device, doesn't prevent pregnancy, instead causing miscarriages, still births, and ectopic pregnancies. Today, the FDA announced it wants more tests.
Amy Martyn

FDA Finally Recognizes That Transvaginal Mesh Puts Women at a Painful Risk

After 100,000 lawsuits, the FDA has finally cracked down on transvaginal mesh, a medical device known to cause chronic pelvic pain, or worse, in women.
Gabby Bess

How to Make a Dildo

Since sex toys count as a novelty item, the FDA never inspects dildos before they go to market. We visited a factory in the Valley to find out how the adult entertainment industry produces our plastic friends.
Mitchell Sunderland