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Getting Out of Bed

How Startups Are Selling Anxious Millennials on the Promise of Sleep

Startup brands are trying to convince a generation of tired, anxious, financially unstable young people that they can buy a good night's sleep.
Marie Solis
women's march

Has the Women's March Served Its Purpose?

Some women say they won't be attending the 2019 Women's March because the first one delivered on its promise: It inspired them to get involved in activism that has made the march itself redundant.
Marie Solis
editors letter

What Drives Us to Get Out of Bed?

As we brace for 2019 and stack up our resolutions, Broadly is focusing on finding motivation for the hard tasks that await us—like getting out of bed.
Lindsay Schrupp
Trans Legends

13 Legendary Transgender Pioneers on Survival, Resilience, and Joy

Zackary Drucker asks Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, Victoria Cruz, Sandy Stone, and other trans forebears about their pasts and our future. Their stories, many of which have been on the margins of society, are a guide to survival.
Zackary Drucker

White Women's Complicated Role in the 2018 Midterm Elections

White women remained loyal to Republicans in key races this election year, but overall they're moving steadily toward the Democratic Party.
Marie Solis

A Year of #MeToo Exhausted Women—And Renewed Our Collective Hope

If we cannot name our oppression—if we cannot articulate the violence that has been done to us—it will be impossible to fight against it, or to prevent it from happening again.
Moira Donegan

When Believing Women Isn't Enough to Help Them

"Believe women" became the #MeToo movement's rallying cry, but some say simply believing women may not be enough to accomplish the transformative change feminists imagine.
Marie Solis
Queerly Beloved

After My Lover Died, I Found Support in Her Former Partners

On the first episode of the "Queerly Beloved" podcast, masculine-of-center queers find a tender connection over the loss of a mutual friend and love.
Sarah Burke
astro guide

Your Monthly Horoscope: July, 2018

This month is packed with emotion, thanks to two eclipses and Mercury retrograde.
Annabel Gat
Inside Men

Bros React to Seeing the Female Version of Themselves

Masculinity is a prison. Could I free bros from it using a popular app that feminizes their faces?
Diana Tourjée

Feminists Are Going to the Amazon to Drink Ayahuasca

The concept of harnessing the powers of ayahuasca for curative and revelatory experiences has gained popularity in recent years. Cosmic Sister, a psychedelic advocacy network, is hoping it can also help women heal from the wounds of the patriarchy.
Gabby Bess