14 Powerful Portraits Showing the Diversity of Asian-American Feminism

These artists and activists can't be contained by the "model minority" myth.
Tiffany Diane Tso
personal essay

When I Met the Now-Arrested Leader of a 'Feminist' Cult and His 'Kittens'

After the recent news of Turkish televangelist Adnan Oktar's arrest for fraud, sexual assault, and espionage, I look back on what it was like to meet him and the women of his "Islamic Creationist" cult, known as his "kittens."
Meher Ahmad
Malala Yousafzai

Malala Is Spending her 21st Birthday Organizing with Indigenous Brazilian Girls

In the last year, women's rights and education activist Malala Yousafzai attended Oxford University, launched a digital publication, and traveled the world to fight gender discrimination and help girls go to school.
Noa Azulai

Fighting Fascism at the UK's Feminist Antifa Martial Arts Gym

Solstar in North London describes itself as a "red gym" run on left-wing principles. Founders Ella Gilbert and Paula Lamont explain how boxing can be a form of political resistance.
Ayoola Solarin

7 Movies New to Netflix in July That Pass the Bechdel Test

For when you have more than enough dudes talking at you already.
Leila Ettachfini
The Privacy and Perception Issue

The Stages of My Life in Usernames

"Who knows what people are doing in real life so long as they present their purest front online? What is the opposite of catfishing?"
Aditi Natasha Kini

Judy Blume Taught a Generation of Young Girls to Be Feminists

For many of us, her young adult novels were practical guides to everything from puberty to consent.
Marisa Crawford
women’s history

The Black Feminist Who Argued for Intersectionality Before the Term Existed

In the late 1800's, scholar Anna Julia Cooper was already calling attention to the fact that Black women face a unique set of struggles due to overlapping racism and sexism.
Naomi Extra
Womens History Month

'I’d Rather Be Beautiful Than Male': Remembering the Radical Art of Mark Aguhar

Transfeminine Filipinx multidisciplinary artist Mark Aguhar, who died six years ago this week, left a legacy that continues to teach us about the power of everyday expression as a tool for self-preservation.
MT Vallarta
You Know Who Rules?

Raquel Willis: TERFs Don't Deserve to Define Themselves as Feminists

The activist, writer, and national organizer for the Transgender Law Center tells Broadly what cis women can do to actually support trans women.
Linda Yang
So Brave!

McDonald's Vows to Pay Living Wage—JK They Turned Their Sign Upside Down

In honor of International Women's Day, they're putting the "W" back in McDonald's...?
Sarah Pappalardo
International Women's Day 2018

5.3 Million People Are on a 'Feminist Strike' in Spain Today

Activists participating in the country's biggest ever women's strike tell Broadly why they're walking out of work and shutting down the metro.
Sirin Kale