Mamma Mia!

'Mamma Mia!' Is a Poignant Celebration of Dads

The 2008 hit "Mamma Mia" shatters expectations of the nuclear family and teaches us there is no singular way to practice unconditional love.
Noa Azulai
Racial Justice

Black Feminist Festival in France Deemed Racist by Anti-Racist Orgs

"This stance suggests that liberal anti-racism organizations have a very facile and elementary analysis of how racism works."
Kimberly Lawson

The Nicaraguan Teen Teaching Young Girls Their Reproductive Rights

Maria Fernanda Pineda Calero is only 16, but she already wants to tear down her country's 'machismo culture.'
Kat Lister

Q&A With Turkey's Feminist Politician Filiz Kerestecioglu​

At the hands of President Erdoğan, Turkey has seen an increase in corruption and right wing agendas. Filiz Kerestecioglu​ is using her voice to speak for the oppressed in Turkey, and change the political course of a country she loves.
Stephanie Parker

Feminist Ceramicist Michelle Erickson Makes Pottery Political

Ceramics have traditionally been relegated to the realm of "women's arts." But Michelle Erickson's political pottery is anything but dainty.
Lauren Oyler

In Photos: Why the 'Good Girl' Is Bad for Women

The notion of the "good girl" is as pervasive as it is a detriment to women everywhere. Because of innate biases that are instilled at such a young age, many women enter adulthood unprepared for the realities of what men can do to them, or without...
Rie Rasmussen

The Weird, Sexy, Touching Emails of Writer Kathy Acker

A new book collects the passionate and discursive correspondence between the postmodern feminist/queer writer and Australian media theorist Ken Wark.
Lauren Oyler