Southeast Asia's Vengeful Man-Eating Spirit Is a Feminist Icon

The pontianak is a ghost that avenges women who die in childbirth. Her fearsomeness is linked to her femininity, and she'll rip your eyes out if you look at her the wrong way.
Nisa Kreems
5 days ago
You Make Me Wanna

'Trainspotting' Wasn't Like My Life—But Watching It Made Me Feel Bolder

Ewan McGregor's portrayal of Mark Renton taught me to choose life—and midnight dialogues outside of clubs.
Anastasiia Fedorova

In 'Sierra Burgess Is a Loser,' Friendship Is More Powerful than Romance

The film transcends its algorithmic plotline to reveal a vivid truth: When your friends see the best in you, you become a better version of yourself.
Sara David

Lady Gaga Is Promoting 'A Star Is Born' by Looking Incredible

And it's sickening!
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

Man Who Leaked Jennifer Lawrence's Nudes Sentenced to 8 Months in Prison

George Garofano was sentenced to eight months in prison after pleading guilty for computer hacking that resulted in "The Fappening," which leaked intimate photos of actresses including Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson.
Zing Tsjeng
to all the boys i've loved before

Seeing Myself in Lara Jean Was About More than Representation

"To All the Boys I've Loved Before" is a love letter to Asian girls precisely because it doesn't make its casting a political point, or even a plot point.
Larissa Pham
to all the boys i've loved before

Help! I'm an Adult Woman with a Fictional Teen Boyfriend, Peter Kavinsky

"To All the Boys I've Loved Before" just introduced a new and improved kind of love interest.
Sara David

Glenn Close Opens Up About Depression and Self-Preservation

The actress tells Broadly about tapping into her personal history with unfulfilled dreams for her role in "The Wife."
Sara David

27 Signs You Are Morally Required to See 'Crazy Rich Asians'

Don't make me @ you.
Sara David
idris elba

Idris Elba Must Play James Bond—And Every Other Character in Film History

The Broadly staff humbly puts forth some further casting suggestions for our cinematic zaddy.
Broadly Staff

All the Drama That Nearly Kept 'Heathers' from Making It to Theaters

We spoke to the "Heathers" screenwriter, director, and cast to celebrate the cult classic's upcoming 30th anniversary.
Sirin Kale
9 to 5

'9 to 5' Is the Feminist Pro-Union Movie We Still Need Today

"9 to 5" is a remarkable tale of women who’d had enough—who unionized in solidarity, and made the necessary changes to improve the lives of workers.
Noa Azulai