After Her Assault Went Viral, Marie Laguerre Turned the Tables on Her Abuser

French student Marie Laguerre was walking home last summer when she was violently assaulted outside a Paris cafe. After CCTV footage of the attack went viral, Laguerre used her platform to educate others on the violence faced by women worldwide.
Ruchira Sharma

50-Year-Old French Author Says Women Over 50 Are 'Too Old'

Prize-winning author and TV presenter Yann Moix also said that he preferred to date Asian women and that he was "not responsible for [his] taste."
Zing Tsjeng
sex work

A Migrant Trans Sex Worker's Murder Has Set Off Protests Around the World

Vanesa Campos was lethally shot in a Parisian park in August. Sex workers across the world are joining forces to protest how authorities fail to keep women like Campos safe.
Frankie Mullin

The Untold Story of a Legendarily Topless Mistress Who Saved France

Agnès Sorel is popularly depicted in lavish gowns that expose a single breast, but the French noblewoman was much more than a strong fashion choice.
Dee Cunning

When Helping a Refugee Gets You Threatened with a Prison Sentence

People in Italy and Spain have been slapped with criminal charges of human trafficking and criminal association—all because they tried to rescue migrants crossing over into Europe.
Clara Hernanz

These Exiled Princesses Led an Armed Rebellion From Their Convent

In sixth-century France, Merovingian royals Basina and Clotilda were forced into a nunnery. They decided to lead their sisters in an uprising against their abbess instead.
Siobhan Ball

The Masked Feminist Brigade Vandalizing Misogynistic Ads

In Paris, anonymous activists meet regularly to deface sexist billboards. We joined the group on one of their patrols.
Bérengère Sim
Sex machina

What I Learned About Hookup Cultures from Traveling Abroad

"The men in France had an unusual fluency with the terminology for dick-sucking, but they couldn't really communicate much else."
Maria Yagoda

Two Hijabi Girls on How the Headscarf Ban Is Disrupting Their Lives

Since 2004, Muslim girls in France have been prohibited from wearing their headscarves to school. We spoke to two hijabi French girls about how this affects their lives both inside and outside the classroom.
Leila Ettachfini

Portraits of a Glamorous Trans Community in 80s Paris

When photographer Byron Newman moved to France, he befriended a group of trans sex workers and began documenting their lives on camera.
Zing Tsjeng

'There Is a Reign of Fascism at Our Door': What Happens in France Post-Election?

The far-right candidate Marine Le Pen suffered a decisive defeat in France's presidential election—but the National Front, a party originally known for Holocaust denial, still managed to gain political legitimacy.
Rebecca Nathanson

French Muslim Women Speak Out on the Horrifying Upcoming Presidential Elections

With far right politician Marine Le Pen running for president on an anti-Islam platform, we speak to French hijabis about their hopes and fears for the elections.
Anaïs Brémond