How Though?

How to Break Up With a Friend Without All the Drama

Breakups are hard, especially when they happen between friends. Here's a guide about how to make ending a friendship easier and kinder, according to an expert.
Leila Ettachfini

How to Make Friends in College

Making friends at college can feel like an overwhelming and intimidating prospect. But don't worry—we've got you covered.
Sirin Kale

In 'Sierra Burgess Is a Loser,' Friendship Is More Powerful than Romance

The film transcends its algorithmic plotline to reveal a vivid truth: When your friends see the best in you, you become a better version of yourself.
Sara David

This Season, Issa's Insecurity Is About So Much More than Self-Esteem

On Sunday's episode of "Insecure," we see the financial side of Issa's problems—and it's painfully relatable.
Britt Julious

Instagram DMs Are an Antidote to the Difficulties of Adult Friendships

In these conversations, I feel like we’re keeping the friendship alive, finding ways to fit moments of connection into our weird, sprawling, digital-and-not-digital lives.
Larissa Pham
The Privacy and Perception Issue

These Photos Show That Ambiguous Space Between Friendship and Sex

Filmmaker and photographer Matt Lambert explores sexual pluralism in beautiful images.
Matt Lambert
Drag Race

We Don't Deserve Leslie Jones and Alyssa Edwards's New Friendship

But we desperately need it.
Amelia Capaz

The Women You Can Rent as Your BFF

Business is booming for Japan's rent-a-friend industry, where you can pay someone $50 an hour to pretend to be your friend. We talk to two women who provide the popular service.
Bobbie van der List
trixie and katya

Drag Queens Trixie and Katya Put Their Friendship to the Test

Watch the drag duo test their relationship in this episode of THE TRIXIE & KATYA SHOW.
Amelia Capaz

The Secret to Having a Successful Friends-with-Benefits Relationship

A new study on casual sexual relationships examines the factors that can make for a positive or negative experience.
Kimberly Lawson

Bromances Allow Men to Openly Love Each Other, New Study Says

"Masculinity is no longer this debilitating curse that forces men to act in a particularly toxic manner and, as such, guys today are having highly emotional, physically tactile and loving friendships with other men. This can only be a positive."
Kimberly Lawson

What Happened When My Best Friend and I Controlled Each Other's Vibrators

After we heard about the We-Vibe Sync, a couples vibrator that allows you to control another person's orgasm from your phone, we wanted to try it for ourselves. Would it ruin our friendship, or bring us closer together?
Maria Yagoda and Julia Edelman