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This European Country Is Voting to Block Gay Marriage—Probably Forever

In October, Romania will hold a referendum to change its constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman only.
Sirin Kale
LGBT rights

In Defeat for Trump Admin, Court Rules You Can't Fire a Worker for Being Gay

The important decision states that anti-gay prejudice in the workplace qualifies as a form of sex-based discrimination under the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
Linda Yang

In Historic Move, Taiwan Will Become First Asian Nation to Legalize Gay Marriage

Marriage equality doesn't exist in most of Asia, but LGBTQ activists hope that Taiwan's landmark court ruling will inspire change.
Sirin Kale
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Uncovering the Christian Think Tanks Behind the Bogus Studies on Gay Parenting

Conservative evangelicals have been influencing politics for decades, in part by funding anti-gay propaganda and misconstruing legitimate research.
Gabby Bess

57 Proposed Laws Threatening LGBTQ Rights to Start Off 2017

State legislative sessions have just started, and discriminatory laws have already appeared in large numbers across the country.
Diana Tourjée
Gay Rights

The Politician Who's Using Pence's Name to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

Patrick Burke's proposed ban on conversion therapy—the draconian and wide discredited practice that claims to change a person's gender or sexual identity—is named "Prevention of Emotional Neglect and Childhood Endangerment," or PENCE. We talked to the...
Steven Blum

Remembering Polari, the Forgotten Language of Britain's Gay Community

Once commonly spoken by gay men across London, Polari has largely fallen out of use. But its influence continues to endure to this day—even making a surprise appearance in Bowie's last album.
Dean Eastmond

Meet the Gay Man Going 12 Months Without Sex So He Can Donate Blood

Under existing regulations, it's currently impossible to give blood if you’re a man who’s had sex with another man in the last year—even if you used protection. We meet the activist fighting for change with a self-enforced sex ban.
Sirin Kale

'War on Our Streets': Why LGBT Women Are Buying Guns in the Wake of Orlando

Gun groups have reported an increase in LGBT firearms customers after the mass shooting at the Pulse gay club. We talked to the women leading the gay community's pro-gun movement to find out more.
Mitchell Sunderland

Hillary's Tortured Relationship with LGBTs

Is Hillary Clinton a true LGBT ally? Though the last ten years of her career have been marked with active involvement for LGBT rights, Clinton's history and willingness to pander to what's popular has many in the queer community on edge.
Hugh Ryan
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The Legacy of Robert Spitzer, Psychiatrist Who De-Pathologized Homosexuality

Until 1973, the psychiatric field classified homosexuality as a mental illness. Dr. Robert Spitzer, who spearheaded the change, died on December 25th, 2015.
Diana Tourjée