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On Turning Racist White People into Memes to Cope with Collective Trauma

While names like #BBQBecky and #PoolsidePete are catchy (and funny), many believe the terms for white people weaponizing 911 calls against Black people in blatantly innocuous situations is a form of dealing with pain.
Starrene Rhett Rocque

What the Failures of a Feminist Bookstore Can Teach Us About Intersectionality

Brooklyn's now defunct Troll Hole was a zine and sex shop located in the corner of a busy laundromat. But it rarely attracted the women washing their clothes on the other side of its glittery, purple curtain.
Gabrielle Bruney

The Celebrity Impersonators Fighting Los Angeles Gentrification

Hollywood characters have been fighting to preserve their way of life for nearly a decade, battling a city they believe is trying to push low-income families out of the area.
Mitchell Sunderland

The Woman Working to Open the Bronx's Only Bookstore

Last year, to huge public outcry, the Barnes & Noble in the Bronx closed—leaving the borough of 1.4 million people with no bookseller. Noëlle Santos wants to change that.
Zoë Beery

The Woman Who Saved Lower Manhattan From Becoming a Highway

A timely new documentary celebrates the legacy of Jane Jacobs, the revolutionary writer and organizer who fought to preserve citizens' voices as urban renewal projects threatened to destroy local communities.
Hanson O'Haver

Manhattan's 92-Year-Old Kung Fu Master Is Simply the Best

When LES-based artist Laura Nova met Poa Shen, a woman who practices and teaches her form of kung fu in Nova's neighborhood, the pair became instant collaborators.
Anna Furman

'The Wackiest Eviction of All Time': The Last Days of Manhattan's Troll Museum

This week, Lower East Side artist Reverend Jen Miller was kicked out of the rent-controlled apartment where she has lived and exhibited a beloved collection of troll dolls for years. We were with Reverend Jen as she and her friends packed up and said...
Jenna Marotta
New York

New York Is Dead, but Flowers Are Forever: An Interview with Writer Susan Orlean

To mark the publication of her collaboration with the artist Philip Taaffe, "The Floral Ghost," we talked to the award-winning nonfiction writer about New York's disappearing Flower District, gentrification, and whether the city that never sleeps has...
Lauren Oyler
queer life

Death of the Gayborhood: Queer Aging in the Time of Gentrification

Seattle is experiencing a new era of gentrification, one that doesn't just bulldoze low income apartment buildings but is also wiping out traditional gayborhoods, severing the links between queer generations. Two artists respond with resilience.
Chelsea Grimmer

Kristen Wiig Scoots Her Way Through New Thriller Disguised as Twee Rom-Com

In "Nasty Baby," artificial insemination goes terribly awry.
Lauren Oyler