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Yet Another Woman Accuses Harvey Weinstein of Sexual Harassment

Following two explosive reports into decades of the famed producer's sexual misconduct, another woman has come forward with her story of harassment. Her attorney Gloria Allred says that Weinstein's promise to seek therapy is "not enough."
Kimberly Lawson

Amber Rose Wants Melania Trump to March at Her SlutWalk

When Amber Rose first started her own SlutWalk three years ago, she was hailed as an "unlikely feminist hero." Ahead of this year's event, she tells Broadly why her advocacy was never really unlikely at all.
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Woman Who Accused Donald Trump of Sexual Harassment Now Suing Him for Defamation

Summer Zervos, a former "Apprentice" contestant, first accused Trump of sexual harassment last fall. She and her attorney Gloria Allred promise to dismiss her case if the president-elect admits that her allegations are true.
Mitchell Sunderland
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Gloria Allred Says the Presidential Race Will be Decided by Women

"It's been 96 years from the year in which we won the right to vote, as women. No one ever gave it to us. We fought for it; we won it."
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As Donald Trump Tries to Silence Women, a 12th Accuser Comes Forward

Trump has dismissed his infamous "grab them by the pussy" remarks as "locker room talk." A dozen women say otherwise.
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Inspired by Bill Cosby, California Drops Statute of Limitations on Rape Cases

"I think we're in a moment where the world is finally valuing and paying attention to the voices and experiences of survivors of sexual assault."
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Tyga Admits He Contacted 14-Year-Old Girl, but Only Because He Liked Her Music

After "OK!" magazine published a sensationalized account of an alleged relationship between the rapper and an underage Instagram model, the teenager, her attorney Gloria Allred, and Tyga were quick to reject the tabloid's accounts.
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The Power Suit

Style & Error kicks off as host Rachael Finley explores the "fashion of power" and sits down with the champion of women and power suits, legendary civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred.
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