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Sometimes Pop Culture Really Is the Gateway to the Occult

For decades, Christian groups have warned that beloved fantasy franchises like Dungeons & Dragons and Harry Potter can lead impressionable youths astray. We spoke to some witches who can confirm this is true, though by no means a bad thing.
Sarah Lyons

'Harry Potter' Actors Look Back on the Magic of Making the Films

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the release of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone," we reached out to some of the Muggle actors of the multi-million dollar Warner Bros film franchise.
Sirin Kale

The Shockingly Convincing Argument That Severus Snape Is Transgender

On Tumblr, a community of Harry Potter scholars has spent years poring over the fantasy series and has come to the only possible conclusion: the Potions professor is a transgender woman.
Diana Tourjée

The Story of Harry Potter, As Told by Fools Who Have Never Read the Books

“There’s a sentient hat that helps out when stuff is super bleak."
Diana Tourjée

We Asked Minor 'Harry Potter' Actors Who They're Voting For In the UK Election

"Corbyn's my favourite political leader, and he'd obviously be in Gryffindor because he's equal parts courage and kindness."
Sirin Kale and Zing Tsjeng

The Harry Potter Fans Still Making Music About Magic, Known as Wizard Rock

On the verge of the release of Harry Potter spin-off, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," wizard bands like Swish and Flick are cranking out new tunes about wands and magic.
Mitchell Sunderland

When Internet Subcultures Meet in Real Life

Photographer Amy Lombard’s new book, “Connected," captures meet-ups of asexuals, Harry Potter fans, pug owners, and other groups that meet online.
Amy Lombard

'You Won't Believe How Much I Learned': The Smutty World of Online Fan Fiction

From My Little Pony bestiality to gay Harry Potter porn, women use fan fiction and fan art to explore their sexualities and kinks. We find out why queering the canon is so alluring.
Mina Banaszczuk