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What It's Like to Get a UTI Every Time You Have Sex

I’ve rushed to the emergency room at four in the morning; missed out on days of pay while on the floor in agony, and had to suffer the indignity of explaining to housemates why I was stuck in the bathroom all evening.
Kara Godfrey

The Myth That PrEP Is Just For Gay Men is Hurting Women

PrEP has been hailed as a revolutionary drug breakthrough in the prevention of HIV. But UK doctors are still having trouble convincing women it's for them, too.
Jake Hall
Essays on Religious Exemptions

What It Was Like to Be Denied Medical Care Because of My Gender

Transgender people require healthcare just like everyone else. We are not asking for special privileges; we just want to have the same access to medical care all Americans are guaranteed under law.
Evan Minton
Essays on Religious Exemptions

My Son's Medical Care Wasn't Covered by Insurance Because He's Trans

This was not an optional surgery; it was a necessity for Pax. I believed—and still believe —that his life depended on it.
Cheryl Enstad
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More and More Doctors Are Denying Abortions Based on Religious Beliefs

And putting women's health—and, in some cases, their lives—at severe risk by doing so.
Kimberly Lawson

What It's Like to Build a Hospital in a Warzone

An engineer in war-torn South Sudan explains what its like to build medical infrastructure in a place so violent that the UN can't send in its own ground workers.
Andy Jones
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The 'Husband Stitch' Leaves Women in Pain and Without Answers

The infamous post-birth procedure—in which doctors suture the vaginal entrance narrower than necessary without the patient's consent—is just one of the ways in which women are mistreated during and after childbirth.
Mary Halton

The Women with Disabilities Who Fought For Your Health Care This Year

Mass "die-ins," three-day sit-ins, and countless arrests later, these activists say: "The fight for our lives is on for the foreseeable future.”
Robyn Powell

Hell Yeah: Sanders' Medicare-for-All Plan Would Guarantee Abortion Coverage

By including universal abortion coverage in his single-payer plan, Bernie Sanders is showing a significant commitment to protecting reproductive rights.
Sejal Singh

'It's Just the Right Thing to Do': Kamala Harris Sponsors Single-Payer Bill

Last night, the California senator announced her plans to co-sponsor Sen. Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" bill.
Gabby Bess

America's Health Care System Kills People—But It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

In Australia, vital services like cancer treatments are free; in the US, countless people struggle to even get screened. We spoke to cancer patients in both countries about the drastic difference single-payer health insurance can make.
Gabby Bess

Trump's Leaked Birth Control Rollback Plan Would Be a Disaster for Women

“Think about it: Under this rule, bosses will be able to impose their personal beliefs on their female employees’ private medical decisions."
Kimberly Lawson