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16 Young People on How They Made a Political Impact Without Voting

In advance of the midterm elections, high schoolers around the country canvassed for campaigns, created custom voter guides, and, uh, organized events with Natalie Portman.
Sarah Burke
high school

High School Swaps Homecoming Royalty for Gender-Inclusive 'Liberty Leaders'

Two Iowa high schools have announced they've phased out homecoming kings and queens in favor of a gender-neutral approach. And other schools across the country are already following suit.
Sirin Kale

The Gay-Straight Alliance Helped Me as Much as It Could

My school's GSA was my first LGBTQ community, even if it didn't represent my identity in full.
Diana Tourjée

A Letter to Teenage Boys, From Someone Who Used to Be One

Author and performer Jacob Tobia opens up about how growing up as a boy felt like being forced to sacrifice your softness and femininity.
Jacob Tobia
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What Are Your Rights When You're Walking Out of School in Protest?

If you think you've been punished more harshly than you'd be for any other absence, call the ACLU!!
Kimberly Lawson
Jodie Landon

Seeing Myself and Other Suburban Black Girls in Jodie Landon

As the only black female character on "Daria," Jodie offered both a glance in the mirror and a glimpse of my future.
Britt Julious

'Juno' Made Me Feel Less Alone After I Got Pregnant as a Teenager

In the era before MTV's "Teen Mom" franchise, there were few if any humanizing portraits of pregnant teens on screen. Ten years after its release, "Juno" is still one of the most important movies about teen pregnancy.
Sian Ferguson
sexual assault

Teen Victims Beg School Board Not to Let Sex Offender Back in School

A 16-year-old served a 45-day detention in a juvenile facility after taking a plea deal for allegedly assaulting three young girls in Brighton Township, Michigan. Now he may return to school as early as next week.
Kimberly Lawson
Sex Ed

Teachers Forced to Report All Teens Having Sex in Oregon School District

The Salem-Keizer school district in Oregon mandates that all school employees report students to law enforcement or state officials if they find out they’re sexually active. Some students are petitioning to change the rule.
Kimberly Lawson

How to Teach Teenage Boys to Actually Respect Women

"There's a lot to be gained by talking to men about their behavior."
Roos Wiegerinck

Video Surfaces of Cheerleader Screaming 'Please Stop' While Forced to Do Splits

Several anonymous videos sent to local media have prompted public outrage and a police investigation over alleged treatment of high school cheerleaders in Denver.
Kimberly Lawson

Hundreds of High School Students Groped During Illegal Drug Search, Suit Alleges

Nine hundred students at a Georgia high school were allegedly invasively searched without a warrant or probably cause in a four-hour, school-wide sweep for drugs.
Kimberly Lawson