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Growing Up As a Girl in Iran, Fashion Was Always a Form of Protest

As more and more Iranian women pull off their headscarves in protest of the compulsory hijab law, one writer recalls how, for her and other Iranian women, clothing and rebellion have long been intertwined.
Ari Honarvar

Two Hijabi Girls on How the Headscarf Ban Is Disrupting Their Lives

Since 2004, Muslim girls in France have been prohibited from wearing their headscarves to school. We spoke to two hijabi French girls about how this affects their lives both inside and outside the classroom.
Leila Ettachfini

Muslim Women Share Their Thoughts on Europe's New Headscarf Ban

A top European court just ruled that employers can legally ban employees from wearing headscarves to work. Six Muslim women tell us how they feel about the controversial ruling.
Salma Haidrani

Scotland Just Approved the Hijab as an Option for Police Uniforms

As France forges ahead with its absurd burkini ban, another European country has officially added the hijab as an option to its police uniform in order to better reflect the communities it serves.
Kimberly Lawson

Meet the Muslim Ex-Porn Star Stripping for Women's Rights

Nadia Ali incited an international scandal after performing in porn while wearing a hijab. We caught up with her at her exotic dancing debut in New York City to find out why the 24-year-old activist is more committed to women's liberation now than ever.
Diana Tourjée

How Western Brands Get Fashion for Muslim Women All Wrong

The fashion world cheered when Western brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Uniqlo launched hijab collections to cater for Muslim audiences. So why do an increasing number of hijabi fashionistas and designers feel more alienated than ever?
Didem Tali

How Islamophobia Hurts Muslim Women the Most

Violence against Muslims has skyrocketed in recent years, and especially since the Paris terror attacks. For an increasing number of hijab-wearing women, misogyny is combining with Islamophobia to especially toxic effect.
Sirin Kale

How Muslim Fashion Went Mainstream

In her new book, 'Muslim Fashion: Contemporary Style Cultures,' cultural studies professor Reina Lewis charts the rise of hijabi style. We spoke to her about how Muslim women are changing the fashion landscape.
Zoe Whitfield

Growing Up Muslim in a Post-9/11 World

A generation of young Muslims have had the unique experience of facing discrimination under the guise of "liberation."
Fariha Roisin