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Monica Lewinsky Wants Bill Clinton to Apologize to Her

"I’m less disappointed by him, and more disappointed for him. He would be a better man for it . . . and we, in turn, a better society," Lewinsky wrote in an essay for Vanity Fair.
Marie Solis
sexual misconduct

Abuse of Power Can Happen at Any Age

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton said because Monica Lewinsky "was an adult," Bill Clinton did not abuse his power over her. Experts say that abuses of power can happen at any age.
Leila Ettachfini

The Former Hillary Clinton Advisor Tracking Russian Bots and Trolls

After it was confirmed that Russia influenced our 2016 presidential election, foreign policy expert Laura Rosenberger set out on a mission to preserve democracy.
Sarah Aswell

'What Happened' Perfectly Illustrates Why Clinton Lost—Just Not on Purpose

In trying to reckon with her loss, Hillary Clinton doubles down on the same hollow rhetoric and questionable politics that contributed to it.
Jamie Peck

The Kardashians Are Struggling to Keep Up with the Trumps

"Life of Kylie" premiered to fewer viewers than "Sharknado 5," continuing a ratings decline for Kardashian-related shows that has only worsened since Donald Trump took office.
Mitchell Sunderland

Inside the Bizarre Astrological Drama over Hillary Clinton's Birth Chart

For decades, political astrologers have been furiously debating what time Hillary Clinton was born: It could mean the difference between an eminent chart for the former presidential candidate and a "shitty" one.
Callie Beusman

Inside a BDSM Dungeon with a Hillary Dom and a Guilty, Diaper-Clad Trump Voter

We watched a repentant Trump voter reach catharsis by having a dominatrix dressed as Hillary Clinton repeatedly hit him in the balls with a golf club. Happy 100 days in office, President Trump!
Callie Beusman

Tina Brown on Post-Trump Fears and Why Hillary Lost

The former "Vanity Fair" editor and Women in the World Summit founder talks about her fears for the post-Trump media landscape, and the devastating electoral demise of Hillary Clinton.
Zing Tsjeng

We Asked Santa Which Celebrities and Politicians Are on This Year's Naughty List

According to a professional Santa we consulted, coal is now too expensive to give to naughty children—but Donald Trump would get a stocking full of it if it weren't.
Zing Tsjeng

Nina Turner on How to Make the Democratic Party Great Again

The former Senator from Ohio and Bernie surrogate says the answer is plain and simple: "We need to give a shit about the people."
Gabby Bess
Donald Trump

The Infuriating History of White Women Voting Against Women’s Rights

Since the 80s, people have thought that women, as a unit, vote more liberally than men. While this is generally true, white women have a storied history of defying this trend, voting for Republican candidates against their own best interests.
Amanda Arnold

The Gender Revolution that Wasn't: Clinton and the History of Female Candidates

Women in politics have come a long way—when Hillary Clinton started her political career, women weren't allowed to wear pants on the Senate floor—but gender equality in the political arena remains elusive.
Jay Newton-Small