The Runner Who Hid Her Gender to Be the First Woman in the Boston Marathon

When 20-year-old Kathrine Switzer bucked the Boston Marathon's rules in order to compete, a man tried to physically remove her from the race.
Bianca Betancourt

Meet Christmas Goddess Perchta, a Belly-Slitting, Half-Woman Demon

If you were naughty, Perchta would enter your home while you slept, disembowel you, and stuff the cavity with rocks.
Mary McGill

Aging, Overlooked, and HIV-Positive

In the 1980s, HIV/AIDS was seen as a disease that only affected gay men. Almost 40 years later, women that lived through a crisis they weren’t considered a part of would like us to remember it—and them.
Emma Russell
Trans Legends

Trans Icon Miss Major: 'We've Got to Reclaim Who the Fuck We Are'

Stonewall Uprising veteran Miss Major Griffin-Gracy offers fighting words from a lifetime of advocacy.
Zackary Drucker

The Story of Sylvia Plath, a Writer Who Shouldn't Be Defined by Her Death

"[She was] always hurtling towards destruction,” historian Alexis Coe says, “but that’s only because we knew how her story ends.”
Bianca Betancourt
Trans Legends

Victoria Cruz on Life as a Trans Sex Worker in 70s New York

"The Black movement, and the women’s movement, was all up and going. And it was time for the gay movement to start." Legendary transgender activist Victoria Cruz reflects on the era of the Stonewall uprising.
Zackary Drucker
Trans Legends

Sabel Samone-Loreca on Living as a Black, HIV-Positive Transgender American

"I know you wanna close all the windows and doors and just be in the dark, but if you just wait and hold on...the light comes through." Sabel Samone-Loreca offers wisdom from a life of resilience and recovery.
Zackary Drucker

The Untold Story of Queenie, New York City's Notorious Female Crime Kingpin

In the debut episode of The Wing's "No Man's Land" podcast, historian Alexis Coe does a deep dive into the life of Stephanie St. Clair, one of the baddest crime bosses in Harlem's history.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark

Midterms 2018: Historic Firsts for Women, POC, and LGBT People

History was made across the country on Tuesday night as women, LGBT people, Native Americans, Muslims, and people of color achieved political firsts.
Diana Tourjée
Leila Ettachfini

Ching Shih, the Cantonese Sex Worker Who Became China's Most Feared Pirate

In the early 1800s, Ching Shih was the mastermind behind a floating criminal empire made up of more than 40,000 ships.
Ebony Adams
Anita Sarkeesian

Long May She Reign: 8-Year-Old Girl Pulls Pre-Viking Sword from Lake

Saga Vanecek was swimming in a local lake in Sweden when she stepped on something odd—an archeological treasure.
Leila Ettachfini

The Untold Story of a Legendarily Topless Mistress Who Saved France

Agnès Sorel is popularly depicted in lavish gowns that expose a single breast, but the French noblewoman was much more than a strong fashion choice.
Dee Cunning