Police Shot Her Brother. Now She's Fighting for Justice

Police in Jamaica kill three people a week with impunity. But one woman, Shackelia Jackson, is determined to get justice for her murdered brother.
Sirin Kale
sexual assault

Lawyer Sentenced to Jail for Saying Women in Ripped Jeans Should Be Raped

Egyptian conservative Nabih al-Wahsh told viewers on a TV panel show that men had a "national duty" to rape women who wore denim.
Sirin Kale

Elizabeth Warren Wants to Ban the Shackling of Pregnant Inmates for Good

Women are the fastest growing population of prisoners in America, and they're being shackled during pregnancy and denied basic menstrual products.
Mitchell Sunderland

Women With Albinism Are Being Tortured, Dismembered, and Their Limbs Sold for Magic

In Malawi, having albinism is the equivalent of having a moving target upon your back.
Sirin Kale
workers rights

Domestic Workers in Hong Kong Are Being Forced to Sleep in Cabinets, Report Says

"This 'cupboard' is my private bedroom," a worker explained. "I belong to the kitchen."
Gabby Bess
women's rights

Former ISIS Sex Slave Nadia Murad Tells Her Story of Survival to Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem sits down with human trafficking survivor and human rights activist, Nadia Murad.
Broadly Staff

Trump’s Win Has Already Boosted Stocks of Private Prison Companies

Trump wants to deport three million immigrants, meaning the government could spend as much as $17 billion on detention—and private prison companies, which have been widely criticized for housing inmates in abusive conditions, stand to profit richly.
Peter Moskowitz

Why Hillary Is the Only Choice for LGBTQ Americans

Transgender activist Monica Roberts has been a leading voice for both the black and queer community for decades. We talked to her about why she thinks electing Hillary Clinton to the presidency is the only way to advance rights for all people.
Diana Tourjée
women's rights

The Saudi Women Fighting Their Country's Sexist 'Guardian' System

Under Saudi Arabia's guardianship system, women are required to have a man sign off on their decisions to travel, work, and even get some medical procedures. We spoke to an activist trying to change that.
Leila Ettachfini

The Activist Shining a Light on the Women Prisoners of the Indonesian Massacres

In the most recent issue of Soe Tjen Marching's politics and culture magazine "Bhinneka," the academic and writer speaks to several "ex-women prisoners"—survivors of Indonesia's horrific anti-communist purge in the late 60s—about what they saw in...
Stanley Widianto

It's Still Legal for a Man to Rape His Wife in India

Despite the strides recently made around sexual assault in India, for women, their wedding day is the day they permanently sign over their ability to consent.
Nandita Raghuram

​When Having a Miscarriage Can Get You Life in Prison

Under El Salvador's draconian abortion law, women can be arrested for miscarrying. 55 members of Congress are calling on John Kerry to address this human rights violation.
Lindsay Schrupp