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Selena Gomez Has Been Secretly Working to Fight Human Trafficking

Since March, the singer has been spending her time with A21, a nonprofit that rescues and advocates for human trafficking victims.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
human trafficking

Inside an Immersive Theater Project Confronting Sex Trafficking in Suburbia

I visited a human trafficking "horror house" in Georgia that aims to shed light on the often-overlooked issue.
Kimberly Lawson

The Refugee Whose Husband Sold Her Into Sex Slavery

Abeer and her husband left Syria to seek refuge in Lebanon. When they ran out of money, he sold her to his friends—and then forced her to sell herself on the streets.
Samira Shackle
human trafficking

Evangelical Church Allegedly Trafficking 'Slaves' from Brazil

The Word of Faith Fellowship has been under scrutiny for more than 20 years. An investigation by the Associated Press has uncovered allegations of human trafficking, child abuse, and a former storage facility said to house the worst sinners.
Diana Tourjée
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Modern-Day Slaves: Filipina Labor Trafficking Survivors Tell Their Own Stories

"My Family's Slave," a controversial personal essay published in The Atlantic last week, brought the oft-ignored issue of domestic labor trafficking to national attention.
Lena Solow
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Former ISIS Sex Slave Nadia Murad Tells Her Story of Survival to Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem sits down with human trafficking survivor and human rights activist, Nadia Murad.
Broadly Staff

Four Sex Trafficking Victims Sue Hotel for Doing Nothing to Help Them

One woman was kidnapped, injected with heroin, and forced into sex work. But are the hotels where sex trafficking occurs responsible?
Diana Tourjée

South Carolina Lawmakers Want to Charge People a Fee to Watch Free Internet Porn

Two lawmakers have pre-filed a bill requiring computers in South Carolina to come with porn blockers, which users can remove for a $20 fee. They say proceeds will go towards ending human trafficking—but their critics say they're just trying to restrict...
Kimberly Lawson

Non-Profit Accused of Exploiting Sex Trafficking Victims It Was Meant to Help

Courage House was built to serve underage victims of sex trafficking. But former employees say the organization exploited the young women it was established to support, pushing its religious agenda at the expense of their privacy and denying them...
Steven Blum

The Indian Human Rights Lawyer Rescuing Slaves From a Lifetime of Torture

Anu George Canjanathoppil has received death threats for her work at an anti-human trafficking organization. But she says that it's worth it to rescue people from decades of enslavement.
Emily Korstanje

Photos of the Disappeared Among the Living

In Juárez, Mexico, artists painted murals around the city to memorialize the disappeared. We spent a day chronicling those who continue to live among those they have lost.
Alice Driver
Broadly Meets

Senator Gillibrand Is an Unstoppable Advocate

We sit down with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to discuss her impactful human trafficking legislation, ending campus rape, and sexism in Washington.
Broadly Staff