Number of Trans People in ICE Custody Is Almost Double the 2018 Average

At the end of the 2018 fiscal year, ICE had 68 transgender people in custody. Today they have 111.
Diana Tourjée

This Group of Women Ended ICE Detention in Atlanta

“It was driven by a such a diverse group of women … committed to justice and human rights. When it comes to moral issues, women are quite frankly so much more courageous than men.”
Kimberly Lawson
family separation

Moms Are Not Happy with Trump

The overwhelming majority of mothers with children under 18 disapprove of the Trump administration's family separation practices in higher numbers than they did any other issue in a recent poll.
Marie Solis

The Lasting Impact Family Separation Can Have on Parents

Immigrant children who are separated from their parents at the border are at risk of longterm damage to their wellbeing. Medical experts say that parents, too, may see lasting effects to their mental health.
Kimberly Lawson
family separation

Trump Administration Requests More Time to Reunite Families

In Friday court filings, Department of Justice officials requested an extension on mandatory deadlines to reunify migrant parents and children.
Marie Solis
Abolish ICE

Kirsten Gillibrand Becomes First Sitting Senator to Call to Abolish ICE

"We believe that we should protect families that need our help and that is not what ICE is doing today," said the New York Democrat during an interview with CNN.
Marie Solis

ICE Doubles Down on Its Barbaric Treatment of Pregnant Women in Detention

Last week, ICE announced that pregnant women will no longer be automatically released from detention. It's a cruel policy—but nothing new for the agency, which was accused months ago keeping pregnant women locked up in horrific conditions.
Chris Gelardi

Immigration Activists Say ICE Is Targeting Them for Deportation

In December, the activist Maru Mora-Villalpando received a notice to appear in immigration court. A released internal document regarding her case says it "should be noted that she has extensive involvement with anti-ICE protests."
Linda Yang
reproductive rights

'I Wanted to Die': How Pregnant Women Suffer in ICE Detention

Jennye Pagoada Lopez says she was four months into a high-risk pregnancy when she miscarried while in ICE custody. But ICE officials insist she was never pregnant in their care.
Yemile Bucay
Chris Gelardi

Immigration Officials Deny Post-Op Care to 10-Year-Old Girl Detained After Emergency Surgery

Last week, immigration officials detained Rosa Maria Hernandez, a child with cerebral palsy, as she was recovering from surgery in the hospital. With no sign of her release in sight, her family is worried that her health is in immediate danger.
Leila Ettachfini

ICE Followed a Child to the Hospital to Detain Her After Surgery

While on her way to the hospital in an ambulance, 10-year-old Rosa Maria Hernandez was stopped and followed by Border Patrol who have since refused to return the child to her family.
Leila Ettachfini

Alarming Number of Deported Immigrants Claim Abuse, Mistreatment by ICE

A new report from the American Immigration Council details the alleged experiences of 600 deported Mexican migrants during their apprehension, custody, and removal by US Customs and Border Protection.
Kimberly Lawson