Queerly Beloved

How a Cis, Hetero Couple Became My Queer Chosen Family

When I came out as trans, when I found out I was infertile, when my queer heart was broken—the Thompsons were always there for me.
Dan Rowell

This Photographer Spent Seven Years Photographing Their Trans Bestie

Laurence Philoméne is intent on showing their intersex and trans best friend in all his layered beauty.
Laurence Philomène

Stop Gendering Your Baby

Washington, Oregon, and California are implementing third-sex gender markers on identity documents like birth certificates—which is great, since biological sex doesn't exist.
Diana Tourjée

Performing Surgeries to 'Correct' Intersex Children Is Inhumane and Wrong

In light of a recent report from the Human Rights Watch and intersex advocacy organization InterACT calling for a ban on "corrective" surgeries, Broadly spoke with intersex adults about what it was like to be operated on without consent.
Diana Tourjée

'Gender Is Just Limiting Society': The Model Fighting for Intersex Rights

Hanne Gaby Odiele spent her 20s walking the runway for Chanel and Givenchy. Now she's taking on a new challenge as the world's most high-profile intersex activist.
Rae Witte

Caster Semenya, Scrutinized for Her Gender, Strides Into Olympic Finals

Olympic Caster Semenya's gender first came under public scrutiny seven years ago. This year, she's competing in Rio's Olympic games, spurring controversy that experts say is scientifically unfounded.
Diana Tourjée

These Women Say They Were Kicked Out of Sports Because of Their Gender

Champion cyclist and trans woman Kristen Worley is taking the International Olympic Committee to court over alleged discrimination. She's not the only woman to be effectively exiled from competitive sport over issues of gender identity.
Eve Simmons

When Teenage Girls Find Out They're Genetically Male

Being a teenager is hard enough, but intersex girls with Swyer Syndrome grapple with problems way beyond the usual zits and PMS.
Abby Moss