Cecile Richards: 'Nancy Pelosi Is the Reason We Still Have Access to Abortion Rights'

In an interview with Broadly, former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards urges Democrats to support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House: “It's time we stop being shut down by loud, angry men."
Seamus Kirst

VICE on HBO's 'Consent' Examines the Ripple Effect of #MeToo

HBO Correspondent Isobel Yeung shares the process for how the VICE on HBO special report "Consent" came about, and how we can continue to push conversations around consent and accountability forward.
Broadly Staff
Instagram Spotlight

Instagram's Wildly Popular Gem Sorceress Wants to Heal You with Crystals

We asked crystal connoisseur Amaris Rivera about starting your journey into the world of crystals, sound healing, and meditation.
Linda Yang

The Designer Behind the Stunning Afro-Futurist 'Black Panther' Costumes

If you love the costumes from Marvel's upcoming superhero blockbuster, thank Oscar nominee Ruth E. Carter.
Zing Tsjeng

Meet the First Woman to Fund Her Own Trip to Space

Anousheh Ansari immigrated to the US from Iran and felt that as a teenager who didn't speak English, she had no path to become a NASA astronaut. She tells Broadly about her journey to become the first female private space explorer.
Linda Yang
the princess bride

What It Was Like Finding the Legendary Cast of 'The Princess Bride'

Thirty years after the film's release, casting director Jane Jenkins tells Broadly about her arduous search for the perfect leading actors.
Jennifer Vineyard

What We Can Learn from Women Who Cheat

"Cheating: A Handbook for Women" addresses the advantages of cheating on your partner. Author Michèle Binswanger explains why monogamy can get so monotonous.
Lisa Ludwig

The Woman Who's Making History as the Black, Trans Editor in Chief of a Publication

Ashlee Marie Preston sits down with Broadly to talk about the responsibility journalists have to represent marginalized voices—and how she found herself at the forefront of the movement to boycott a radio show over transphobic comments.
Steven Blum

Bonobos Use the Power of Female Friendship to Overthrow Male Hierarchy

A ‘Darwinian feminist’ explains.
Aimee Knight
Broadly Play

Skinny Girl Diet Is the Punk Trio Making Feminist Music for 'Freaks and Weirdos'

Before sharing their "wid attitude" playlist, Skinny Girl Diet met up with Broadly to discuss the origin of their band name and what it's like to be three women of color in today's punk scene.
Kat Aileen & Keenan MacWilliam

Filmmaking as Social Justice: How 'Signature Move' Breaks Queer Stereotypes

Jennifer Reeder's debut feature follows the love story between a Pakistani woman and a Latina bookseller. She tells us why making films is a form of activism.
Marta Bausells

A Vegetarian Vet Student Turns Cannibal in Feminist Horror Film 'Raw'

Director Julia Ducournau tells us why it's time to honor the female appetite—in all its most gruesome forms—on film.
Sirin Kale