You Know Who Rules?

The Journalists Behind the Louis C.K. Report on Holding Powerful Men Accountable

Broadly spoke with Cara Buckley and Melena Ryzik about the impact of their work and what a future in which women's stories are heard and believed may look like.
Linda Yang

For Activists, Kenneka Jenkins' Case Shows How Law Enforcement Fails Black Girls

“This story is one that we have heard too many times before. Black girls go missing all over this country, and even internationally, and action is not taken quickly enough."
Kimberly Lawson

Don't Try This at Home: Why Self-Screening for STIs Could Do More Harm than Good

A Broadly investigation has discovered at least two websites are exploiting a legal loophole to import questionable HIV and STI tests.
Michelle Duff

The Irish Government Is Seizing an Increasing Number of Abortion Pills

An exclusive Broadly investigation shows that the Irish government is seizing ever-increasing quantities of vital abortion medicines—with potentially devastating consequences for women.
Sirin Kale

Reports of Rape Are Surging at Bars and Clubs. How Do We Respond?

Exclusive police figures obtained by Broadly show a 136 percent increase in rapes reported in London's bars, clubs, and pubs. We investigate the sexual violence plaguing nightlife in the UK capital.
Sirin Kale

Is There a Helpless Dolphin Trapped in the VICE Office? We Investigate

There has been an unpredictable high-pitched noise attacking us for weeks. What the hell.
Gabby Bess

Inside France's Biggest Refugee Camp, Girls Are Trapped With No Hope or Escape

As the migrant crisis in Europe escalates, young men and women are risking life and limb to get to England. We traveled with photographer Sarah Tilotta for rare access to the only women's shelter in the French ferry port of Calais.
Eleanor Ross