Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Become the First Muslim Women in Congress Ever

Today marks a huge victory for American Muslims—and especially American Muslim women—who have gone vastly unrepresented in our federal government. Tonight, not one, but two Muslim women were elected to Congress for the first time.
Leila Ettachfini

What Are Jinn: The Arab Spirits Who Can Eat, Sleep, Have Sex, and Die

From Disney's Aladdin to the subject of exorcisms, jinn spirits have influenced culture and religion for centuries in our realm and theirs.
Leila Ettachfini

Stop Stereotyping Arab Women With Your Halloween Costumes

Photographer Yumna Al-Arashi wants you to trash your sexy Jasmine costume and dress up as her heroes instead.
Yumna Al-Arashi
Zing Tsjeng

This Camp for Rohingya Widow Refugees Offers Sanctuary From Sexual Violence

Rohingyas are a Muslim minority from the largely Buddhist country of Myanmar who have been victims of “ethnic cleansing." The 'rari' camp in Bangladesh is a safe haven for young widows and girls who have been hit the hardest in the crisis.
Jennifer Chowdhury

Eid al-Adha Made Me a Vegetarian, But I Learned to Love It Anyway

Growing up, the holiday, in which Muslims slaughter a lamb to commemorate Ibrahim's sacrifice, traumatized me. I've since come to appreciate Eid al-Adha for showing me the reality of where meat comes from and the value of togetherness.
Leila Ettachfini
The Privacy and Perception Issue

For Women Who Wear Hijab, Finstas Can Be a Space to Let Loose Online

By the time private accounts with curated followers became mainstream, they were old news to me. I knew many women who wore hijabs who would set their Instagram profiles to private, write “WOMEN ONLY” in their bios, and post pictures with their hair down.
Najma Sharif

'I've Seen Everything': The Doctor Helping Refugee Women Survive Trauma

Dr. Fatema Akter is no ordinary physician. In the refugee camps of Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, she sees up to 80 patients a day—many of whom have suffered horrific persecution.
Helen Nianias

India Moves to Ban Unjust 'Instant Divorce' in Landmark Ruling

Under triple talaq, Muslim men can divorce their wives by uttering the word "talaq" thrice. According to a new judgment by the Supreme Court of India, it's now unconstitutional.
Sirin Kale

The Dangerous Business of Hymen Reconstruction Surgeries

In Germany and the Netherlands, the majority of women seeking hymenoplasty are young Muslim women. We speak to doctors about the rising demand for the controversial procedure.
Franziska Knupper

French Muslim Women Speak Out on the Horrifying Upcoming Presidential Elections

With far right politician Marine Le Pen running for president on an anti-Islam platform, we speak to French hijabis about their hopes and fears for the elections.
Anaïs Brémond

Muslim Women Share Their Thoughts on Europe's New Headscarf Ban

A top European court just ruled that employers can legally ban employees from wearing headscarves to work. Six Muslim women tell us how they feel about the controversial ruling.
Salma Haidrani

The Unspeakable Horrors Endured by the World's Most Persecuted Minority

The Rohingya people of Myanmar have lived through mass gang rape, brutal beatings, and killings. A new UN report exposes the scale of atrocity suffered by its women and children.
Nancy Clark