Muslim-American Woman Says TSA Forced Her to Show Them Her Bloody Pad

In a complaint filed by the ACLU, 27-year-old Zainab Merchant claims that TSA agents subjected her to a two-year program of enhanced, intrusive, and humiliating security checks at airports around the US, simply for being a Muslim-American.
Sirin Kale
Midterm Elections

After Far-Right Attacks, Muslim Candidate Commits to Fighting 'Politics of Fear'

Ilhan Omar fended off attacks from far-right activist Laura Loomer the weekend before her primary in Minnesota's 5th congressional district.
Marie Solis

A Somali-American Muslim Explains How the Travel Ban Ruling Will Affect Her

On Tuesday, the US Supreme Court upheld Trump’s ban on travel from several Muslim-majority nations, sparking uproar from immigration activists and those directly affected by the ban, including former refugee Hamdia Ahmed.
Kimberly Lawson

The Netherlands Just Voted to Ban the Burkha and Face Veil

Following on from many northern European countries, full-face coverings will now be banned in the Netherlands.
Broadly Staff

Border Control Enthusiast Banned From Crossing UK Border

Lauren Southern is an alt-right blogger who's advocated for strict border controls and attempted to blockade humanitarian ships rescuing migrants. The UK Home Office confirmed she has been denied entry.
Broadly Staff
Power to the Polls

The Former Obama Staffer Fighting to Be the First Muslim Woman in Congress

Fayrouz Saad, the daughter of Lebanese immigrants, sees herself as the "product of the American Dream." If elected, she wants to keep that dream alive for others.
Leila Ettachfini
You Know Who Rules?

Lawyer Who Fought for Detainees After the Muslim Ban on How to Fight for Justice

Camille Mackler was one of the first lawyers on the ground at JFK airport to help those detained in the hours after Trump first announced his travel ban.
Linda Yang

Muslim Women Share How Their Lives Have Changed Under Trump

“You want to talk about me and the way I dress oppressing women? I'm the one that's out there facing white supremacists."
Leila Ettachfini

Woman Says She Was Fined a 'Cleaning Fee' for Swimming in Burkini

The owner of a pool at a private residence in Southern France reportedly charged a woman 490 euros as a cleaning fee for wearing her burkini in the pool.
Kimberly Lawson

Two Hijabi Girls on How the Headscarf Ban Is Disrupting Their Lives

Since 2004, Muslim girls in France have been prohibited from wearing their headscarves to school. We spoke to two hijabi French girls about how this affects their lives both inside and outside the classroom.
Leila Ettachfini

The Ongoing Trauma of the Muslim Students an Undercover Cop Spied on For 4 Years

A new documentary, "Watched," examines the story of an undercover NYPD officer who spent four years infiltrating a group of Muslim college students—and the harrowing psychological effects on two young Muslim women who had to live under such invasive...
Aviva Stahl and Jeanne Theoharis

I Went to a Pro-Islamophobia Rally Hosted by Canada's Breitbart in My Hijab

What struck me the most about the group of people assembled—who have adopted words like "snowflake" to point out how liberals and left-leaning people can't handle criticism or any sort of challenge—was their victim complex.
Sarah Hagi