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The Kardashians Are Struggling to Keep Up with the Trumps

"Life of Kylie" premiered to fewer viewers than "Sharknado 5," continuing a ratings decline for Kardashian-related shows that has only worsened since Donald Trump took office.
Mitchell Sunderland

Why Are You People Surprised That Ivanka Trump Sucks?

The "complicit" first daughter's new book, "Women Who Work," is predictably boring, dishonest, and really bad. But it also displays the uncanny valley of Trump's liberal feminism, which is not so different from what's practiced in the mainstream.
Brandy Jensen

Photos from the Debaucherous, Alternative Gala Protesting Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump was visiting Berlin for a women's rights summit, and she didn't just get booed inside the conference hall. We joined protesters as they held their own anti-Ivanka soirée.
Josie Thaddeus-Johns
Donald Trump

Why Drag Queens Are Imitating Kellyanne and Melania—but Not Ivanka

"Ivanka's only memorable 'look' was being wrapped in that $5000 foil dress, which not even the tackiest drag queen would wear," one drag queen explained.
Mitchell Sunderland
Donald Trump

The PR Chief Behind 'The Purge' Was Just Hired at the White House

Josh Raffel is now living in the ultimate horror movie.
Mitchell Sunderland

Ivanka Trump Proposes $500 Billion Child Care Plan that Only Benefits the Rich

Even though the plan benefits wealthy people—which is something the GOP loves—it's so expensive that it's unlikely to succeed in Congress.
Amanda Arnold

Trump Is the Pettiest President Yet. Sad!

As Trump attacks department store Nordstrom for failing to stock Ivanka Trump’s line, a Pulitzer-winning expert on the US presidency explains the historical context for Trump’s pettiness.
Sirin Kale

HR Experts Say: No, Trump, Women Should Not Get a New Job if They Are Harassed

Both the Republican nominee and his son suggested that victims of harassment in the workplace should get new jobs. Employment experts explain why this advice stinks.
Sirin Kale
Donald Trump

'Make America Work Again'? Ivanka Trump's Fashion Line Is Made in China

Trump says he wants to "reclaim millions of American jobs" from overseas—but none of Ivanka's products are made in the US. Sad!
Kimberly Lawson
Donald Trump

I Went to See Trump in the Leathery, Orange Flesh and Lived to Tell the Tale

Half the crowd is chanting "TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!" The other half is screaming "USA! USA! USA!"
Lara Kleinschmidt
Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Is Not Alone: All Florida Girls Believe in Demons

The pop star's comments about demons have haunted her for years, but she's not crazy—she's just another girl from Boca Raton, Florida, where most teen girls believe in demons.
Mitchell Sunderland