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Business is Still Thriving for James Deen Following Rape Accusations

Although multiple women have accused James Deen of sexual assault, his career is better than ever.
Bethy Squires
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What Does Consent on a Porn Set Look Like?

The rape accusations against porn performer James Deen have raised important questions: how is sexual consent defined on a porn set? Is a signed contract between performers and producers enough to keep people safe?
Tess Barker

Minor and Pathetic Award Winner James Deen Barely Visible at AVN

After multiple rape and assault allegations were made against porn star James Deen in 2015, the actor was generally snubbed at the 2016 AVN Awards.
Diana Tourjée
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After James Deen Rape Allegations, Porn Companies Debate the Issue of Consent

When adult performer Stoya publicly accused her former boyfriend and co-star James Deen of rape, porn companies and professionals began grappling with how best to protect sex workers in an oftentimes complicated environment.
Mish Barber Way
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'I Thought, I'm Going to Die Here': Joanna Angel Accuses James Deen of Assault

She is the seventh woman to accuse Deen of assault.
Mitchell Sunderland
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James Deen Accused of Rape and Assault by Six Women

Adult performers Amber Rayne, who was allegedly assaulted by Deen on set, and Kora Peters, who claims the porn star anally raped her, join the four other women who have come out against him.
Gabby Bess

These Porn Companies Are Disposing of James Deen Like a Used Condom

After performers Stoya, Tori Lux, and Ashley Fires accused fellow porn star James Deen of sexual assault, multiple companies in the porn industry are throwing their support behind the female porn stars and publicly promising to stop working with Deen.
Mitchell Sunderland
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After Rape Accusations, Female Porn Stars Stand in Solidarity Against James Deen

After Stoya accused fellow porn star James Deen of raping her, other women in the industry are no longer staying silent about his alleged abuses.
Gabby Bess

James Deen Is Pissed Off About Racism in the Porn Industry

We talked to James Deen and Mickey Mod about making porn, "interracial" scenes, and inequality within the industry.
Rachel Bell