Men Are Dominating the Media's Narrative Around #MeToo

The Women's Media Center found that during a 15-month period, 53 percent of sexual assault story bylines came from men.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
My First Time

Working as a Sex Journalist Taught Me When to Say No

Writer and broadcaster Alix Fox thought that she had to be down for whatever to be good at her job—until she learned how to make her sexual boundaries clear.
Alix Fox
You Know Who Rules?

The Journalists Behind the Louis C.K. Report on Holding Powerful Men Accountable

Broadly spoke with Cara Buckley and Melena Ryzik about the impact of their work and what a future in which women's stories are heard and believed may look like.
Linda Yang

The Hero Student Journalist Who Asked Richard Spencer About Getting Punched

We talked to Eman Elshahawy, a self-proclaimed "beautiful brown woman" who confronted the white nationalist during his speech at the University of Florida on Thursday.
Gabby Bess

Is This the Most Dangerous Place to Be a Female Journalist Right Now?

One reporter was strangled to death in her apartment; another was shot dead in her car. In Mexico, women in journalism face the constant threat of violence.
Andalusia Knoll Soloff

Everyone Has Been Lying to You About Flossing Your Entire Life

In what may be the biggest federal government scandal since Teapot Dome, the AP reports that, despite decades of fear-mongering guidelines, the effectiveness of flossing have never been adequately researched.
Kimberly Lawson

Sex, Lies, and Headlines: The Secrets of Writing for a Trashy Celebrity Magazine

I found myself writing a story about Victoria Beckham almost as fiction. "Professionals get on with the job at hand," I thought.

Female Journalists, Called 'Presstitutes', Face Extreme Harassment in India

In a country that has seen 22 assaults on journalists since the beginning of 2016, female journalists are particularly vulnerable to online harassment, abusive phone calls, and death threats.
Chryselle D'Silva Dias

Meet the Female Journalist Who Inspired Tina Fey's Latest Movie

Kim Barker was once a foreign correspondent in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Now, her memoir is the inspiration for Tina Fey's upcoming film "Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot." We caught up with the journalist to talk about the women left behind in Afghanistan, why...
Isabel Evans

Clicking the Bean: The History of the Internet's Most Popular Lesbian Blog

Since Riese Bernard started Autostraddle as an "L Word" fan blog, it has transformed into a full-fledged publication receiving a reported 4 million page views a month. So why aren't advertisers attracted to the site?
Nicole Pasulka