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How Internalized Racism Amplifies White Supremacy

By attempting to defend Juileanna "Yes Julz" Goddard against her stigmatized relationship with Black women, Daniel Caesar instead revealed the insidious nature of internalized racism.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
3 days ago

YesJulz Is the Latest Example of the Problem With Voluntourism

YesJulz accompanied Kanye West on his recent trip to Uganda. Their visit poses questions about international goodwill, intent, and how optics relate to actual altruism.
Shamira Ibrahim
mental health

Behind the Mental Health Law That Kept Kanye West in the Hospital

Yeezy left the hospital earlier this week after being held on a 5150 psychiatric hold. His hospitalization follows a long line of female stars, like Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes, who have been held under the complicated California law.
Emalie Marthe

Meet the Female Producer Who Made Beats for Young Kanye West

Back when Kanye West was fresh from his "College Dropout" debut, he rapped over beats made by a German producer called Melbeatz. She talks crate digging, graffiti, and why she doesn't care if people call her a bitch.
Jan Wehn

A Psychologist Explains Why We're So Obsessed with the Kim, Kanye, Taylor Feud

Admit it: you know don't know why you know about it, but you care.
Darlena Cunha
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Kim and Kanye May Have Illegally Recorded Taylor Swift’s Phone Call

According to a privacy lawyer, Kimye could potentially face legal sanction if they recorded that phone call without Taylor Swift's knowledge.
Leah Carroll
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People Share Their Secret 'Rules' for Sex

Most people have complex sets of regulations for when, where, and how they'll get it on. (It often has to do with butts.)
Leah Carroll
420 moment

Kanye West Really Respects Rules and Is Great at Following Directions

Wait, what?
Broadly Staff

We Asked Bad Bitches Up in Equinox if They're Freaks or Not

Because when Kanye West—or your editor—asks, you answer.
Gabby Bess
Broadly Meets

Azealia Banks on Her New Music and Being a Controversial Witch

Unconfined to a 140-character limit, in this episode of Broadly Meets we sit down with Azealia Banks to talk about her three upcoming mixtapes, accusations that she is homophobic, and how to cast a cleansing spell with an egg.
Broadly Staff
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Tuna Sandwiches, Losing to Women, and More Reasons Why Famous Men Have Meltdowns

Kanye West's recent "SNL" tirade is part of a long tradition of men being whiny babies.
Lauren Oyler

Find Out Which Rapper is Your Astrological Soulmate

​We asked one of New York's favorite astrology duos, the Saturn Sisters, to weigh in on a very pressing question: Which rapper should you date, based on astrological compatibility?
Rachel Rabbit White