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Reality Stars on Whether Trump's White House is as Dramatic as Reality TV

One day you're in, and the next day you're out.
Mitchell Sunderland
Donald Trump

Why Drag Queens Are Imitating Kellyanne and Melania—but Not Ivanka

"Ivanka's only memorable 'look' was being wrapped in that $5000 foil dress, which not even the tackiest drag queen would wear," one drag queen explained.
Mitchell Sunderland

Kellyanne Conway’s Insane Mink Cloak Photo Is Only the Beginning

An annual calendar highlights conservative women, dressed in outfits as off-putting as their "politically incorrect" ideology.
Mitchell Sunderland

Is a Microwave a Camera? A Cybersecurity Expert Explains

"I think that that part of the comment is a non-technical person garbling something she heard but didn't really understand."
Diana Tourjée
Body Language

A Body Language Expert Decodes Kellyanne Conway’s Feet-on-Couch Scandal

After a photo of Kellyanne Conway sitting with her shoes on the Oval Office couch began to circulate on Twitter, we reached out to a body language expert to find out what this means, and how her move compares to some of Obama's tendencies.
Kimberly Lawson

Kellyanne Conway's Sort-Of Feminist 2004 Book Takes a Subtle Dig at Trump

Conway’s "What Women Really Want" claims to know the scientific answers to what women crave in their day-to-day lives, delivering results that could be perceived as feminist. What happened?
Mitchell Sunderland

We Talked to the Genius Behind the Viral Merriam-Webster Twitter Account

The dictionary has been making headlines for calling people out, but ultimately it's about the truth.
Sarah Hagi