Inside the Psychedelic New Film Genre Redefining African Representation

Kenyan filmmakers Wanuri Kahiu, Likarion Wainaina, and Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann tell us how AFROBUBBLEGUM is expanding onscreen depictions of Africa.
Sophie Monks Kaufman

This Lesbian Film Won In Kenyan Courts and Left the Country Divided

"Our effort at every point, even when we’re agitating for constitutional rights, is to make Nairobi, and Kenya overall, largely a place that we are proud of —a place that is fitting the constitution that we’re proud of."
Taylor Hosking

Kenyan Director Defeats Censorship Case Against Acclaimed Lesbian Film

Wanuri Kahiu's acclaimed film 'Rafiki' was banned from being screened by Kenya courts, she fought back, and won— but her case is just the tipping point of the country's homophobia issues.
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
sexual assault

Amid Reports of Widespread Rape by Police, Kenyan Women Seek Justice

Sixty-five Kenyan women say they experienced sexual violence at the hands of state security agents last fall. Now, survivors are turning to activists for help in the harrowing task of reporting the police to the police.
April Zhu

The Survivor Who Was Carjacked, Raped, and Now Fights for Other Victims

Wangu Kanja was 25 when she was carjacked and raped at gunpoint in Kenya. Now, the 41 year old is fighting for survivors' voices to be heard in the country.
Lucy Pasha-Robinson

Nairobi's Boxgirls Fight Back

Broadly spends a day with Nairobi’s Boxgirls to find out how the sport of boxing has armed the community's women with a way to fight back against sexual violence.
Broadly Staff

The Land of No Men: Inside Kenya's Women-Only Village

We visited the matriarchal villages of northern Kenya to see what its like to live without men.
Broadly Staff