'I Squirted Milk All Over': What It’s Really Like to Be a Breastfeeding Mom

In honor of National Breastfeeding Month, we talked to mothers about their unexpected, yet gratifying, experiences of nursing their children.
Kimberly Lawson

'I Was Going to Stab Him': People Tell Us the Evil Things They Did as Kids

Children are insane!
Broadly Staff

The Funniest Lies Adults Told Us When We Were Kids

"My dad told us he put a chemical in the pool that would turn pee bright red. If you peed in the pool, it would stain your swimsuit and everyone would know what you did."
Emalie Marthe

Child Taken to Hospital After Trying to Blow Up Used Condom Like a Balloon

We ask a sexual health expert if it's ever OK, biologically speaking, to put a limp prophylactic in your mouth.
Sirin Kale

What It's Like to Be a Foster Mom When You're Only 23

Eighty percent of foster carers in the UK are above 45. But for a small minority in their early 20s and 30s, taking a child into their homes has been the best decision of their lives.
Lucy Draper

When Chemotherapy Saves Your Life, but Leaves You Infertile

When Kate Dobb was treated for an aggressive form of cancer at the age of 10, the prospect of being left infertile was never even discussed. Now more women are demanding that doctors talk about reproductive health as part of the cancer conversation.
Sarah Graham

The Photographer Documenting the Imperfections of Female Adolescence

Hellen van Meene is best known for her dreamy pictures of girls on the edge of childhood. She tells us how she can make anyone look like a Velázquez painting.
Marta Bausells

Inside Japan's Dangerous, Unregulated 'Baby Hotel' Childcare Industry

Getting a nursery or kindergarten place for kids is next to impossible in Japan. Instead, some families are left with no choice but to check their children into unregulated "baby hotels"—with disastrous results.
Charlotte Jansen
Donald Trump

Red-State Teachers Describe a Heartbreaking Day at School After Trump's Win

"We tell them to act a certain way—to be kind, treat each other fairly. That all people are equal, that bullies don't win. And then Trump won."
Lauren Oyler

'The Little Embryo That Could': The World of IVF Fashion for Babies

Over five million babies have been born through IVF since its invention in 1978, but few parents are comfortable with discussing the procedure openly. Some are now trying to change that—starting with babygros that say "My Dad's a Wanker."
Nione Meakin

Japan Unveils a Robot Baby Amid Plummeting Birth Rates

The Kirobi Mini blinks its eyes and speaks like a baby, but one expert believes it’s a terrifying harbinger of things to come.
Sirin Kale

Children Are Not as Evil as Previously Thought, Study Says

New research challenges the pre-existing scientific view that children are immature in their decision-making. The lead author explains why children are capable of better moral judgment than previously thought.
Sirin Kale