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Camping Outside Congress During Argentina's Abortion Vote

Early Thursday morning, Argentina's Senate voted against legalizing abortion. I spent the 10 hours before standing in the cold with fellow activists hoping for a different outcome.
Paloma Navarro Nicoletti

The Woman Tracking and Investigating Every Femicide in Mexico

Frida Guerrera, who is herself a survivor of domestic violence, has taken on the tedious work of single-handedly documenting each and every case of femicide in Mexico.
Ollin Velasco

In Photos: 12 Hours Through the Eyes of a Brazilian Drag Queen

From the first coffee of the day to removing makeup before bed, we spent the day with a Mackaylla, a drag queen at São Paulo's vibrant pride parade.
Larissa Zaidan

Tender Photos of Life on the Frontline of Argentina's Trans Rights Movement

The power of pride, love, and family shines through in photographer Kike Arnal's portraits of a South American trans community.
Tom Seymour

This Artist Turned the Scars of Abused Women into Haunting Sculptures

For his new series “Detrás de las paredes,” Argentinean artist Marcelo Toledo interviewed survivors of gender violence, transforming their wounds into works of art with a call to action.
Pedro Camacho

Photos of Trans Women Depicted as Saints and Religious Icons

In the photographic series "Virgenes de la Puerta," Peruvian artist Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo pays homage to the strength and bravery of his country's transgender community.
Charlotte Jansen

Undocumented, and Trapped Between Your Abuser and Deportation

Maria fled narcotrafficking violence in Mexico for the safety of the US—only for her abusive ex to report her to the immigration authorities.
Rossalyn Warren

Is This the Most Dangerous Place to Be a Female Journalist Right Now?

One reporter was strangled to death in her apartment; another was shot dead in her car. In Mexico, women in journalism face the constant threat of violence.
Andalusia Knoll Soloff

Fat Acceptance Activists Take Over Brazilian Beach Just Before Carnival

Rio's first "Day of Fat People on the Beach" celebrated bikinis and body positivity on one the city's most beloved tourist spots.
Emily Jensen
reproductive rights

Brazil Takes Historic First Step Towards Decriminalizing Abortion

Abortion is illegal in Latin America's most populous country, but a landmark Supreme Court decision provides cause for hope.
Sirin Kale
TDOR 2016

In Mexico City, a Community Rallies in Wake of Two Horrifying Trans Murders

Two high-profile deaths of transgender sex workers have sparked ongoing protests in Mexico City, where LGBTQ rights have made slow and unsteady progress. We speak to organizers and demonstrators on the street.
Andalusia Knoll Soloff

Raped, Threatened, and Left to Die: How the US Fails Female Asylum Seekers

Claudia fled Guatemala after two men stalked, raped, and threatened to kill her over her ex-husband's ties to a guerrilla group. But when she arrived in the US, her pleas for asylum fell on deaf ears.
Annie Hylton