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On Turning Racist White People into Memes to Cope with Collective Trauma

While names like #BBQBecky and #PoolsidePete are catchy (and funny), many believe the terms for white people weaponizing 911 calls against Black people in blatantly innocuous situations is a form of dealing with pain.
Starrene Rhett Rocque
sexual assault

Customs Agents Accused of Ritualized Sexual Assault on 'Rape Table' at Airport

Three Newark Airport employees say that assailants play the "Jackass" theme song during assaults, and that the abuse has been happening for years.
Diana Tourjée

After Years of Sexual Assault by Parole Officer, Woman Fights for Right to Sue

A California mother of three endured years of sexual violence at her parole officer's hands—but a provision in state law is keeping her from suing her attacker and the probation office that allegedly looked the other way.
Gabby Bess

Scotland Just Approved the Hijab as an Option for Police Uniforms

As France forges ahead with its absurd burkini ban, another European country has officially added the hijab as an option to its police uniform in order to better reflect the communities it serves.
Kimberly Lawson

Sexual Assault by Police Officers Is Even More Common Than You Think

On the same day the AP announced it had found about 1,000 police officers who had lost their badges for sexual assault, Daniel Holtzclaw's trial for allegedly raping 13 women while on duty began. Why do cops think they're above the law?
Diana Tourjée