Straight Man Wins $17.4 Million in Gay Discrimination Lawsuit

The 55-year-old alleges that he endured "insults" and "demeaning comments" from supervisors who accused him of being gay. We spoke to Lambda Legal about why his victory can help shape our understanding of discrimination.
Mitchell Sunderland

Double Double Trudeau and Trouble: Canada Legalizes Witchcraft

The Canadian government is updating its Criminal Code to remove archaic provisions, including bans on dueling and telling fortunes.
Gabby Bess

How the Kardashians Keep Getting Away with Copying Designs

"It's smart to copy something that you can't get sued for."
Gabby Bess
sexual assault

Court Forced Sexual Assault Victim to Spend Five Days in Jail with Attacker

After an unnamed Canadian woman was brutally assaulted, she was held in a correctional facility with her assailant because the judge didn't think she would show up to testify against him.
Gabby Bess

Outraged Men Are Now Taking Legal Action to Stop Women-Only Screenings

After the Alamo Drafthouse theater in Austin, Texas, decided to run a fun women's-only screening of "Wonder Woman" lots of men complained about it online. Now, apparently, they're filing legal complaints.
Diana Tourjée
Religious Freedom

Doctors Argue That Female Genital Mutilation Is Protected Under First Amendment

In a landmark case, lawyers are claiming religious freedom to defend doctors facing charges for performing FGM on seven-year-olds in Michigan.
Gabby Bess

In Most States, Forcibly Continuing Sex After a Partner Says 'No' Is Not Rape

Only eight states recognize a person's right to withdraw consent after penetration has occurred, leaving rape victims vulnerable.
Gabby Bess

Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam Was a Champion for the Poor and the Marginalized

Honoring the work of America's first Muslim woman judge.
Kimberly Lawson
reproductive rights

Women as Incubators: How US Law Dehumanizes Pregnant Women

In this excerpt from "Blaming Mothers: American Law and the Risks to Children's Health," law scholar Linda C. Fentiman traces the legal history of so-called fetal rights—and its effect on a woman's right to choose.
Linda C. Fentiman

Sextortion: How Hackers Blackmail Young Girls into Performing Sexual Acts

Mona Sedky is the trailblazing lawyer waging war against sextortion, a hideous and understudied new crime in which hackers use stolen, private images to force their victims into engaging in sex acts—often from thousands of miles away.
Chavala Madlena

Supreme Court Won't Hear Major Trans Rights Case—Leaving Students in Limbo

"If [this fight] took ten years I would stick with it," said Gavin Grimm, the transgender student at the center of the case.
Gabby Bess

Man Convicted of Rape After Removing Condom During Sex Without Consent

In a landmark decision, a Swiss court has convicted a man who took off his condom without his partner's permission. Legal experts weigh in.
Sirin Kale