Bollywood’s First Lesbian Rom-Com Is Bringing Queer Love to Indian Cinema

The mother of a gay child, Shelly Chopra Dhar, and Gazal Dhaliwal, a trans woman, co-wrote the script for a groundbreaking new movie in India in the hopes of getting through to parents of LGBTQ children.
Alyssa Klein

How Rachel Weisz Became the Unofficial Straight LGBTQ Ambassador

People used to love Rachel Weisz for her charming and magnetic romance roles. But that was before the rabid queer internet community and I got a hold of her.
Jill Gutowitz

'Bend it Like Beckham' Is the Gayest Love Story Never Told

While "Bend it Like Beckham" is often mistaken for a coming-of-age story about soccer player best friends, many of us saw our own baby queer desires in Jess and Jules' relationship.
Jill Gutowitz
Queerly Beloved

How Two Queer Adults Created a Family by Adopting Each Other

Laura and Lucy Power decided to be the child and mother that the other had always wanted. They read vows at an adoption ceremony, got matching tattoos, and even changed their surnames.
Sarah Burke
Essays on Religious Exemptions

My Daughter's Dream Wedding Venue Rejected Her Because She's Gay

This isn’t about wedding venues or cakes: Discrimination leaves people feeling less worthy, and often less than human.
Channie Peters
Essays on Religious Exemptions

We Were Rejected From Adopting Foster Children Because We Are Gay

There are roughly 13,000 kids in foster care in our home state of Michigan, but child-placing agencies are legally allowed to discriminate against LGBTQ applicants—and more states have recently passed similar faith-based laws.
Kristy and Dana Dumont

Furtive Lesbian Glances Are Vital to My Queer Movie Experience

From "Carol" to "Disobedience," forbidden lovers express their desire with surreptitious, lingering looks—and inspire a potent nostalgia for some of us.
Jill Gutowitz

Rachel Weisz on Her Forbidden Romance with Rachel McAdams

The "Disobedience" star tells Broadly about portraying repressed queer desire in an Orthodox Jewish community.
Kristen Yoonsoo Kim

Find Yourself in the Queer Version of Google Maps

Queering the Map is a global, crowdsourced atlas of tender LGBTQ moments.
Sarah Burke
How to Sex

A Guide to Scissoring

What is scissoring—the quintessential lesbian sex act or a fictive spectre perpetuated by heteropatriarchial standards?
Anna Pulley
women’s history

The Radical Poetry of Audre Lorde's Confidante, Pat Parker

The work of the Black lesbian poet and Black Panther is a salve for times like these.
Dianca Potts

'Black Panther' Could Have Depicted the First Queer Romance in a Marvel Movie

In a recent interview, one of the film's screenwriters said they initially toyed with the idea of including the lesbian love story from the original comics.
Linda Yang