Alyssa Milano on Why Cis Women Must Fight for Transgender Rights

Our struggles are not separate from the struggles of the transgender community—they’re bound up in each other, intertwined.
Alyssa Milano
15 hours ago

Queer Sex Magic: How to Do LGBTQ Witchcraft in Bed

According to professional witches, you can perform queer sex magic either with a partner or by yourself. I set a self-acceptance intention and tried it out.
Tracey Duncan
5 days ago

Respond to the Gender Recognition Act Consultation

The consultation closes on Monday, so now is your last chance.
Broadly Staff
5 days ago

The Girl's Guide to Changing Your Gender

A chill primer on estrogen, breast augmentation, skirts, and other things a trans girl might consider on her trek across genders.
Diana Tourjée
LGBTQ rights

New York City Adds Gender-Neutral Option X to Birth Certificates

The new law, titled Intro 954, makes it easier for transgender and non-binary people to change their legal gender.
Leila Ettachfini

A Massachusetts Vote Could Threaten Trans Rights Everywhere

On November 6, Massachusetts will vote on a repeal of protections for transgender people— the first statewide vote of its kind.
Chase Strangio

This Trans Courier Is Fighting To Improve Gig Economy Conditions

Gig economy workers have zero workplace protection from discrimination. Hayley Stanley's lawsuit could change all that.
Lee Hurley
My First Time

How I Seek Out Intimacy as an Asexual Person

As a queer, asexual person I often felt like an outsider growing up. But now I've found my community of people like me, in a society that seems to revolve around sex.

This Lesbian Film Won In Kenyan Courts and Left the Country Divided

"Our effort at every point, even when we’re agitating for constitutional rights, is to make Nairobi, and Kenya overall, largely a place that we are proud of —a place that is fitting the constitution that we’re proud of."
Taylor Hosking

I Learned How to Permanently Remove Hair to Help Trans People Like Me

Siobhan Reilly trained to perform electrolysis because she knows just how much facial hair can cause dysphoric pain to transgender women. Now, she's opened her own hair removal salon in Manchester, UK.
Lola Phoenix

Anna Calvi On Her Pioneering Rock Album About Gender-Nonconformity

The twice Mercury Award-nominated artist sits down with us to discuss "Hunter," her critically acclaimed album about sexual freedom.
Sirin Kale

100 Easy Ways to Make the World Better for Trans People

Trans women are women. This is not up for debate—so don’t try to.
Kai Isaiah-Jamal