Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Casually Drops in on Twitch Stream for Trans Kids

She joined YouTuber Hbomberguy, who was playing Donkey Kong to raise over $340,000 for Mermaids, a UK charity for trans children.
Zing Tsjeng
3 days ago

NBA's Reggie Bullock Opens Up About Losing His Transgender Sister to Murder

A new documentary from Vice Sports follows Bullock's journey into LGBTQ activism after his sister Mia Henderson 2014 murder in Baltimore.
Diana Tourjée
Drag Race

'Drag Race' Star Valentina Identifies as Non-Binary

In a new interview with "Out" magazine, the "Drag Race" fan favorite opens up about their gender identity.
Sara David
Getting Out of Bed

What Binding My Chest Taught Me About Being a Man

I wore my first binder constantly—I even wore it to bed. Then I learned that masculinity is about more than having a flat chest.
Kai Isaiah-Jamal

A Transgender Flag Flies On Capitol Hill

LGBT Rights organizations and Congressional equality leaders like Joseph Kennedy III, say it marks a commitment in congress to fight anti-trans initiatives in the government.
Diana Tourjée

These Trans Latinas Started Their Own Beauty Co-op to Defy Discrimination

After years of experiencing discrimination at work, three trans immigrant women started a trans beauticians' co-op in Queens, New York—and are welcoming others to join. Broadly spoke to them about how they made it happen.
Moira Lavelle

Inside a Trans Clinic Run by Trans People in the Red Light District

When other resources fail them, Trans United Clinic helps trans people in Amsterdam get the health care they need.
Broadly Staff
End of Year

The Queer Movie Moments We Loved Most in 2018

Period dramas. Teen romance. Forbidden love in an Orthodox Jewish community. 2018 brought some amazing LGBTQ love stories to the big screen.
Alyssa Klein

How to Deal With An Unsupportive Family During The Holidays

Broadly spoke with the President of PFLAG National to find out how LGBTQ youth—and everybody—can cope with unsupportive relatives during the holiday season.
Diana Tourjée
year in review

The Best Sex Stories We Published in 2018—for the Sake of Journalism

2018 wasn't the sexiest of years—but we didn't let that deter us. We tested all the wildest and wackiest new "aphrodisiacs," explored your teenage erotic fantasies, and otherwise had your intimate lives covered this year.
Sirin Kale

Germany Introduces a Third Gender Category on Official Documents

Its parliament just approved an option for gender non-conforming, intersex, or non-binary people on birth certificates.
Sirin Kale

How an Online Forum for Moms Became a Toxic Hotbed of Transphobia

Mumsnet boasts of its political influence and hosts chats with Hillary Clinton and UK politicians. So how has it become ground zero for British transphobia?
Eve Livingston